If true, diconserting

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. Story re Brazilians using US bandwidth for ham radio transmissions. Objection is that this traffic might block a transmission from a US soldier in trouble.
    So where is OPSEC that stops Tery T wiring up his own $100 dollar device and blocking all use of the means?
  2. If they're disused what's the problem.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    what cqms said - plus i imagine any transmissions could be DF'd?
  4. DF'd to a satellite? How will that help?

    Sigs was never my strong point!
  5. The article poses the possibility that they still work in some circumstances - read it.

    quote Brochi says the Pentagon's concerns are obvious.

    "If a soldier is shot in an ambush, the first thing he will think of doing will be to send a help request over the radio," observes Brochi. "What if he's trying to call for help and two truckers are discussing soccer? In an emergency, that soldier won't be able to remember quickly how to change the radio programming to look for a frequency that's not saturated."

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  6. I confess I know little about SATCOM but why would they be using the same satellite, they're on the other side of the world from Brazil.
  7. Wired
    I think they are essentially a rebro in the sky but they can DF a static users ground location without too many dramas.
    The satellites are geosynchronous (like the ones that broadcast TV) so a bird (check me out!) with a footprint covering Brazil wouldn't be much use to Terry but the story mentions two FLTSATS still in use plus 8 newer "UFO" satellites so pesumably AFG falls under at least one of there footprints.

    On Page 2 it mentions encrypted military traffic sounding like static so the implication is someone is using it for work purposes.
  8. Interesting. I do quite a bit of 'sat spotting' (its a long winter here), in the past I have found some very interesting Military downlinks that are not encrypted which was a surprise. Some of the content that I have seen in the past would have been of interest to the other side but I havent done any serious looking for a while now. I do know that in the past other sat enthusiasts have reported such finds to the correct authorities. Plenty stuff out there in the Clarke belt if you look.
  9. Let's get something straight tho guys: it's a Ham that reported it, NOT Hams that are doing it. There's a difference, but I guess you need to be a Ham to care very much. Most of us do! :x