If training stopped for 6 months, would you come back?

If training stopped for 6 months, would you come back?

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Bored with the TA Vs Regulars arguing over the mostly irrelevant content, so figured why not have another poll :-D

Since we've done the C1 training issue, MTD impact, I'd like to see what the impact will be if the news about training is real.

So, if all training were to cease at the end of this month (Oct 09) would you return at the start of new training year in Apr 10? Or would you say enough you (insert word of choice) politicians... and take up paint ball, helping old ladies cross the road or knitting?

Waiting to analyse the answers as ever,

ive given 10 years and 3 tours. i will do the same again if i'm not kicked out the doors in some future cutback.

i'm hoping i can persuade most of my unit that its worth their while coming back in 6 months. As most are looking to deploy i think most will return.
If a) I wasn't old and b) if I was still in the TA then probably yes. Not only that I would certainly go in unpaid only if there was something truly worthwhile to do, or if I could help in organising something worth while.

But that's all hypothetical, the truth is fcuk knows.
I must admit that if I was not on FTRS right now, and no other income, I'd be tempted to hang up my boots. Enough is enough.

I will not bite my tongue, next senior officer/politician I see.
i'd go on parade nights for free for the next 6 months, i'll be back in 6 months and in the meantime i can work harder on my Phys, we TA soldiers and recruits have just got to take this on the chin and carry on.
I like to think that if I was still young then I would stay in the TA unpaid. But if I was young and had a job with overtime at the weekend, then I probably would not, because I would need the money. Some TA soldiers are unemployed, and they need the employment history to help them get another job, as well as the pay. If this report about suspending TA training is true, then it is a silly decision that beggars belief. I sincerely hope it is untrue.
Me personally being un employed at the moment I'm going to have to get another part time job as the T.A. was currently giving me enough income to support myself, but with a 6 month cut of no wages I'm going to struggle. But I love it too much so no doubts I'll be back in 6 months!!!

One sub note may have been answered in other threads, is the OTC also being shut down for 6 months? Because I for one will be very very very pissed off the continue to get payed when all they do is get pissed every time they train and abuse the pay system (from what I have heard from people I know in the OTC anyway).
The proposed plan is to cease all training for five months - a minor point but important nonetheless.
Was_Occurin72 said:
One sub note may have been answered in other threads, is the OTC also being shut down for 6 months? Because I for one will be very very very pissed off the continue to get payed when all they do is get pissed every time they train and abuse the pay system (from what I have heard from people I know in the OTC anyway).
Why is that a problem? Well it's not a problem for us, it's the governments/MOD/armies. It's them that's failed the convenant, army code of conduct etc.

How on earth they would expect loyalty after that, I don't know.

As for those intending to return in 6 months, I'd guess it's for friends/regiment/country. Not really a right of wrong answer to this poll, we occupy the moral high ground regardless.

Those that attend over the next 6 months for other reasons (those that don't really sit well with the code of conduct - honour, loyalty, respect for others etc), I'd guess would be the new SCAB (name applied to miners who broke the strike in the late 80's), or more aptly STAB.
I'll be back in - too much force of habit after 6 years to not be. I could deliver a kick in the teeth to the politicians by not turning up, but that'd just be cutting off my nose to spite my face, and letting down my mates who do go back.

Unless, of course, that's what they want. If it is, I'll be back in after 6 months, just to spite the b*stards.

Ref. the OTC - I think I caught something on one of the other threads about OCdts and 2Lts not getting paid - assuming that the officers and WOs continue to be paid, this would essentially be the same situation as with TA units and PSIs/NRPS I would imagine?
I'd like to carry on - however, I'm about to start TSC(A). If that's binned, I'll have to start from square one again getting everything organised (Probably need another medical too) and I suspect there will also be a backlog of people wanting to go on the course. All told, it'd be over 12 months from first rocking up at the gates of the TAC before even starting phase one training proper. Demoralising, much? (Having been here before, it only took 3 months last time) I'm also hoping that I won't simply get discharged for having been attested but not finished P1 training and have to go through all the selection stuff again, which would royally p*ss me off.
Main building read this site... so to all those prepared to soldier on regardless with no pay... that might be what you're letting yourself in for.

In asnwer to the question, I'd probably come back - but it depends on what my life is doing in 5/6 months.

If unpaid work is here to stay - then I'll be de-kitting.
Fair play to those who have already said they will do it for free. This is a sad situation that the TA is being forced into and I would like to think that once do-ya-think-he-saw-us the loch jaw monster is finally ousted we can finally get back on track.

This is also a good test of loyalty in that this could weed out those that simply do it for the money and have no interest is bettering themselves/ their unit/ TA. Lets sit back and watch the bounty hunters fall by the way side.
The only things that will stop me handing my kit in is tha A) I want to do an Afganistan Tour and B) If I did leave my hearing is at a level where its not bad enough to stop me going on tour or staying in but its to bad to pass an enlistment medical so I could never rejoin

however I am giving it some serious thought to sacking it as I feel stabed in the back by the powers that be
I'll be back, if only to try and pick up the pieces, leave pints dotted around the TAC in the hopes of luring some of the troops back... ;)
If it's all truly ONE Army, why is the TA expected to make the sacrifices once again? I'm sure that money could be saved elsewhere such as shelving plans for the new uniform or sacking at least half of the civvies at Glasgow. There's probably countless more examples.

I wouldn't be prepared to turn in without getting paid knowing that the Goberment is willing to fritter tax-payers money away so readily. I' rather use the time more constructively, especially since we all know there would be no recognition for such devotion.
Well this is a bugger

I was due for a RT refresher this weekend and the next 3 weekends in order to start my CIC training in November.

This is not what I expected.

I would probably do it for free to be honest (especially the weekends) as it's the experience I am looking for to help with my main board next year.
As a regular I've looked on at these 'TA cuts' threads with interest. It's clear that 6 months of no training will have a greater impact all round than our gobment has anticipated. It's already been touched upon that commitment of many TA soldiers will fade during these 6 months, that's a given. I just wonder what civvie employers' attitudes will be towards the TA in general after this all dies down. As I see it currently, many TA soldiers tread a fine line of understanding and cooperation with their employers in order to be released for duties. How likely is this to happen after the 6 months is up? Employers may be of the opinion that the TA's days are numbered, and that Joe Bloggs is wasting his time. Said employer might then apply extra pressure/ultimatums on Joe to show a greater commitment to his full time paid job. Joe may then decide that it's not worth all the hassle after all, and bin the TA, even though he loves it.

Are there any people on here in this position, or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

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