If Tony Bliar was a Pl Comd . . . .

If Tony B'liar was a Platoon Commander,

And you were his CO:

What would you write in the pen picture part of his Annual Report?

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You wouldn't get the chance. He'd get "accidentally" fragged on his first field firing.
Probably in a freak accident involving being sent forward to detonate a "blind grenade"... which just happened to be next to a claymore that someone had just casually left lying about... with the clacker wired in... and it was by total accident that the pl sgt was standing near the clacker when he took the opportunity to check his webbing for rattles by jumping up and down... on the funny black clacker object, wonder what that is... BANG!!... oops, i don't think.
Please post this man. Somewhere. Anywhere. But please, not here.


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'This officer is perfect material for a suicide mission'
mysteriously duct taped to the reverse side of a target on the challenger main gun range.
1. I heartily recommend this man for a higher position. A scaffold.

2. He excels in his ignorance of history, politics, morality and commonsense.

3. This man should go far. Downtown Basra suggests itself.

4. I would like this man by my side when my back was to the wall. Although I suspect he'd refuse the last cigarette.

I should add that the thought of OGL as one of Brenda's trusty and well-beloved makes me physically sick. He's more orifice material than officer.
This officer considers himself well qualified and able to run a country, however, he is finding his platoon somewhat problematic.
Lt. Blair has the aptitude of a japanese sniper.... He climbs high and shoots low and refusdes to budge when he realises that he has lost and would fight to the end for a wrong and deceitful cause and this is where his career is now....the end!
Lt Bliar has performed to a standard of that expected by a F**kwit.
He has therefore excelled.
His hobbies include Getting the Country in S**t, Fckuing up the Army for years on end, and Getting us known as the Ladyboys of the USA.
I recommend this tw*t for instant termination of service and implore the 2RO to recommend likewise.
a superb question,
well of course he just wouldn't cut it as a platoon Cmdr. at all.
All he can do and ever does is play act.

Mind you he does seem to have an unfortunate ability to win the less critically minded around to his way of thinking.
And what if he had Alister Campbell as his platoon Sergeant?

It is with the other platoon cmdrs that 'Our Tone' as he would have to be called, would have trouble.

Blair would constantly be acting like the C.O's boot licker.


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When this officer has resigned his commision he should immediatley join the civ Police as he would make an excellent senior Police officer......With all his 'star' qualities......


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Apart from that I find he is.... a complete CNUT......

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