If this is victory, what is defeat?



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Go to Heaven!

Supporters of Hezbollah in Lebanon today are confident of their victory. They have survived therefore they win. Israel killed hundreds of Lebanese and destroyed our infrastructure and still Hezbollah won. Hundred of thousands of refugees and Hezbollah supporters say that they are victorious.

If this is victory, what is defeat?

Maybe Hassan Nasrallah can explain to me what he meant when he said that if his fighters retreat it is not important because it is just a little bit of land and it is not precious enough to hold on to.

What are the Shebaa Farms then? A little bit of unpopulated land?

What are the 3 prisoners held in Israel compared to the hundreds of children that Israel killed?

Get out of Lebanon Hassan and take your ideology of death and hate with you. Take your supporters and your complexes and go to your beloved Islamic Republic of Iran.

Leave us, the people who actually believe in a country called Lebanon, alone. You are not part of us. Go live your Islamic battles somewhere else. Go to heaven and let us live in the pro-American hell in peace and prosperity like many other places in the Middle East and Asia.

Today, Shiite refugees, mostly followers of Hezbollah, are all over Christian, Druzes and Sunni areas. Small and localized problems are happening here and there. Some of them are walking in the streets with guns, in some areas women are afraid to walk at night and houses are being robbed.

After all it is "hallal" (religiously permitted) to rob a non-Muslim for some twisted fundamentalist minds.

A reporter I know told me that a refugee girl who did not wear her veil was beaten in front of her.

People are scared that the small clashes will one day explode into a full fledged massacre, because Hezbollah is armed and the rest of the population is not.

A recipe for a new civil war.

Last night Walid Jumblatt asked:"To whom will [Sayyed Hassan] Nasrallah give his gift of victory [over Israel]? To the Lebanese people or to Iran and Syria?"
And Nasrallah answered tonight when he said:"Hezbollah's victory is for Lebanon and for all the Lebanese...Christians and Muslims... Our victory will make Lebanon more united than ever."

Are they not the things on the end of de legs?