If this is the third world war, we’re losing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Random_Task, Jul 30, 2006.

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  1. I found this article simplistic.

    "That said, there are some things worth defending: democracy and liberal values. And yes, Israel shares them".

    If the Israelis have a liberal side they certainly keep it well hidden. The author bangs on about Islamo-fascists but there is little analysis of Judo-christian fascism which is equally damaging.
  2. 729? I'll make a point in buying anything with those three digits next time I'm out shopping with the wife.
  3. Same here! cheers for the heads up Jacques,
  4. :D Toda Raba Jaques...my Pounds will go there in future. :D
  5. Mine won't and have not been going there for some time, not until there is real progress towards giving the Palestinians the future they have been denied for that last 50 years.
  6. That's very noble of you. Like any of us give a sh*t? Pleb.
  7. Or perhaps you do not wish to see it?
  8. 30 dead children in Qana this evening speaks for itself
  9. Tell me, did you get this worked up when hundreds of Israeli civilians were being blown to pieces on buses or in cafés by Palestinian 'militants'?
  10. Joseph Farah over on WorldNetDaily thinks this is world war 1 ?
  11. Well, if we're going to play the body count game, the Israelis have killed around four Palestinians for every Israeli and in the current escapade the ratio is over 10 to 1.
  12. In my defence, I don't believe that I was indulging in the 'body count game'; rather, I made my posting as I find much of the moral outrage being trotted out here as utterly imbalanced. Quite simply, it strikes me that many posters on here - reflecting the views of a great number of people in the West, I feel - seem either unaware or unconcerned by Israeli deaths. Those who keep harping on about Israel's 'disproportionate response' (someone really should define 'proportionate' in the Middle East context...) are by implication playing the body count game.
  13. Yes the sight of Israeli civilians blown to pieces by suicide bombers is just as sickening as the scenes from Qana over the last 24 hours. This violence has been going on virtually unchecked since 1948. Many western governments, notably the US and the UK turn a blind eye to the worst excesses of the IDF and yet our leaders bang on about freedom, democracy and rights. These things have been denied to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for decades and it is little wonder that we are labelled as hypocrites by many in the Middle East. If I thought by buying Palestinian goods I was in some helping in the current slaughter I’d put an avatar up about that. But when was the last time you saw “made in Palestine” on the labels in your local supermarket? The truth is you won’t. As a people they have been systematically shafted for 50 years and the current violence will do nothing to tackle the fundamental causes of the conflict. 1.4 million of them are confined to the Gaza strip where the Israelis control their airspace, territorial waters and land borders. Unemployment is rife and the future for them is bleak. The Israelis spent years undermining Yasser Arafat and (with George Bush) telling the rest of the world that he was the problem. Well he’s gone but is the situation any different? If anything it’s worse. Now it’s Hamas who are the political movers in Gaza, they appear to be even more militant than Arafat’s lot.

    The Israelis invaded Lebanon in 1982 and went all the way to Beirut forcing the PLO to flee. Twenty four years later it’s Hezbollah who are the problem, it’s the same thing but with a different name. If the past is anything to go by this campaign will achieve nothing in the long term. Meanwhile in his cave in Afghanistan Osama Bin Ladin is pissing himself laughing as the Israelis, the Americans and the British have provided al Qaida with the best recruiting campaign he’s had since March 2003. We are making a series of strategic and tactical blunders which only serve to prolong conflict not bring it to a conclusion. Our leaders are not leading, they are bound in dogma and locking whole generations into a future of conflict and bloodshed.
  14. What about the thousands of Iraqi civilians who have been killed by the US and ourselves by missiles, bombs and bullets that have been directed at civilian areas because 'intelligence' indicated that there was an insurgent in the building or a rocket launch system in the area?
    Who is supplying Israel with its munitions?
    Are you also boycotting goods made in the US and GB?

    Probably not, double standards are great arent they? :roll: