If this disabled man can get a job, why cant Whet?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by StickyToffeePudding, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. If Professor Stephen Hawking CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA, can get a job, why can't Whet?


    He won't answer that question, can any of you?

    (Bit of background on the discussion below.)

  2. Cos he's a lazy fat twat who gets paid by the state to be a lazy fat twat.
  3. Really? Surely someone who is only 80% disabled has 19.9999999999999999999999999% 'able' ability than the good Professor who's been on the Simpsons and everything. Old SH can't even type as fast as Whet.

    Doesn't anyone have a job for someone who can type faster than Stephen Hawking can?
  4. Some people don't want to work.

    I think he explains that he is choosing not to when he discusses schools, leafleting and campaigning etc. If he wanted to work there are literally thousands of IT/desk based jobs out there that can be done with flexible hours and from home.

    I even know a bloke who works for a call centre but doesn't actually leave his house to go to work... Thats an understanding equal oppurtunities employer for you.
  5. You are right, if his disability is narcolepsy and he isn't billybullshitting, he's capable of at least some form of work. If he wants work, all he has to do is identify a job that doesn't mean killing himself and everyone near him by some entertaining means, apply for said job without telling - get said job, then watch the reaction when he clomps out on the desk.

    Edit: Could even start up some form of work from his house, either self employed or not, mission accomplished. Web design, telesales etc etc.
  6. Really? I wonder why Whet doesn't have a try for one like that? After all, Stephen Hawking won't be going for it as I'm pretty sure his disability makes it nigh on impossible for him to pick up a phone and type at the speed that Whet can.

  7. I do hope he declares that to the benefits agency, "have you done any work, paid or unpaid in the last 2 weeks?"

    Handing out leaflets and canvassing is work you know?

    Give me your details Whet, I will pass it on to the people who give you a free lifestyle.
  8. That's a great idea, Whet could start his own business! There must be government aid for such, and I'm sure if there's money for nothing from the government, Whet won't be oppossed to putting his hand out for it.
  9. Hmm, is this why he is worried that labour will lose the next election and the new govt might actually discourage scroungers? :twisted: :twisted:
  10. In all fairness and accuracy, Whet can do volunteery work as a disabled person without it affecting his benefits. Do you think people actually can get paid to put leaflets through letter boxes or canvess? I'm pretty sure Stephen Hawking couldn't do that sort of work, so that's one less person in competion should such activities actually be paid jobs.

  11. Falling asleep every now and again isnt really a disability though is it?

    He could work in the council call centre, they never answer the phone anyway, so being asleep at his desk would not be picked up on.
  12. My bold, think you'll find you can and many people do get paid for such.
  13. I sincerely hope so the fat waddling lump of lard hasn't had a job in 10 years, The fat git manages to run a car and the internet though (as apparently they are essentials).
  14. I watched a documentary once about The Narcolepsy Society(?) and at their monthly meetings, they have to have three people to take the Minutes to avoid anything being missed due to nodding off.

    I pissed myself laughing then and laugh out loud when I think of it today. It was the funniest piece of TV I've ever seen. :D
  15. Can't work but can drive a car?!