If things get too bad there is always ladonia

The true story about the fight for immortality, independence and freedom
Time was probably set in motion when the dragon Ladon was watching the golden apples of the Hesperides, apples that gave immortality. They were guarded in vain by Ladon as he probably was killed by Hercules. Thus immortality was placed in the world and introducing the tense between mortal and immortal time.

In the north we find a place, the tiny country of Ladonia, situated at the edge of the Scandinavian Peninsula. In the old days it was a kingdom, ruled by king Ladon, still guarding the golden apples. All of this is lost. The disastrous moment when time was set in motion and place made to a spot on earth give us the remains: ruins of the kingdom and the garden overgrown with weeds, the apple tree growing wild.

It was in the year of 1996 that Ladonia rised and entered into a new form of time and space. On the 2nd of June the country proclaimed its independance from Sweden - if it ever was occupied; the country was hardly ever discovered. And now Ladonia prosper and develop, creating its own way into boundless freedom.

No one is living in Ladonia, all of its citizens are nomades and pay visits to the two chief towns Nimis and Arx, erected during the period 1980-96.

There is a Government ruling Ladonia, the ministers are many and steadily increasing. Six County Councils are to be found splitting the area of about 1 square km. Ladonia has so far 4 different social classes: Nobilities, Common Citizens, Citizens of Honour, Spirituals.

Common citizenship is free, nobility costs $ 12. If you want to become nobility you'll have to send us an e-mail and tell us what title you wish - count, lord, baron/countess, lady, baroness - greve, friherre,baron/grevinna, friherrinna, baronessa.

Isn't there some tiny island off Northern Ireland that has its own King?

Tony Hawks visited it when doing "Round Ireland With a Fridge".

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