If they had a gun in your ear and you REALLY had to shag a fellow ARRSEr?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. The Lovely Iron Duke (recommended)

  2. One of the other useless tosspots on ARRSE

  3. David Cameron

  4. Good CO. A fine figure of a man

  5. None of the above. **** you. I am a free man/woman/pre-op

  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Who would it be? Vote now.
  2. Sorry Dale but with a gun at my head (and a plank strapped across my arse to stop me falling in) you would get the best twenty seconds of your life.
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  3. Peter_Dow. I feel that the world has a lot to learn from that man.............
  4. Peter_Doh! ?
  5. 5A, cos I is n*gger bait init.
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  6. Maybe I already have!
  7. Dale doesn't count...that's a given!!
  8. I'd rape the fuck out Whet, just make him cry and destroy the little confidence the bone idle cunt has, it would be the hardest work he's ever done trying to fight my 21 stone of flab and engorged member away from pulling his colon inside out.

    I'm not gay, just a deviant.
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  9. Can it be more than one?
  10. Dale, Mwl & Big Bird coz I know what they look like...... In fact Mwl looks a proper northern mill town girl sporting a black eye.

    Oh and pip.
  11. I fear it may be broken when I finish with it, but then again, that's less resistance for your good self.
  12. If it had to be a woman - Crio, with her record at least I'd keep the CSA off my back.

    If it had to be a bloke I'd do Jarrod for two reasons:

    1. He definitely wouldn't enjoy it.
    2. His hoop would be slacker than a chav's mouth

    Mind you first choice could be Lechies because colostomies are for winners and he's always fancied a bit on the side.
  13. There's something about that Black eye and blood around the mouth that says....... Foreplay.

  14. And you STILL would?? Sick fucker!!
  15. Sorry I thought it said if I had the gun........