If there was a new Mil Hospital

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by re-stilly, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. If for arguments sake the Government of the time decided to allow a Military Hospital where would it be sited how big and what should it treat and should it be merged with Headley Court??

    Also where would the staff come from? could you use TA and therefore NHS or would there have to be a massive recruitment to staff it.
  2. Looks up,awaits flying pigs.
  3. It was a theoretical question. I know there isn't much chance or actually buggerall but it is nice to dream occasionally
  4. Do you mean similar to RAF Halton and Wegberg of years gone by that were closed or reduced because they were "surplus to requirement"?
  5. Yep maybe placed at Brize to limit travelling, fully staffed surely would save trauma and time to have something like that in place.

    edited because typing was crap.
  6. How about somewhere spacious and fairly central in North Yorkshire; build a complex there with its own runways and helipads and decent access to the A1. A comprehensive hospital would probably not be required, but it could be focussed on trauma, post-traumatic stress and long-term palliative care (where the rural setting would come into its own), in which it would unfortunately rapidly become a national centre of excellence. Manning could be done by a combination of RAMC for the medical side and an MOD-owned civilian agency with Defence in the title; best it's kept well away from the NHS, that way it might work. Paid for out of the defence budget but with 15% of annual costs contributed from the Treasury to allow use by other agencies.

    Provided it doesn't become the Labour Party's private hospital, of course :roll:
  7. How much would one cost is what you should be asking. I imagine it wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility, the governments of today and tomorrow just don't want it.
  8. Cost wise you would have to look at number of beds, operating theatres, accom for both staff, rehab patients and families of the wounded, Physio just for a few.

    Kick off with 200 beds, 1 ICU maybe 20 beds, 2 operating theatres, 2 physio gyms one for in patients and 1 for rehab.
  9. Well then?
  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You are, I suspect looking at this from a patient pov, which is quite understandable but one of the issues relating to military hospitals was that military medical staff were not getting the right kind of medical experience working in them. Very little trauma etc. Another problem was that if all your clinical staff are committed to working in a hospital and somebody calls a war you don't have any clinicians to send to that war.

    The MDHU's were supposed to correct these problems. Unfortunately for a number of complex reasons they don't.

    I've seen/heard a number of suggestions as to how to deal with this but none of them square the circle. The system is broke but nobody knows how to fix it.
  11. Recruit, Retain and properly fund. The military will always have enough injured people to justify a military hospital.

    Why not share it with the emergency services and called it a training centre too.

    Millions of Jeffrey all under one roof.
  12. And call it Noth Allerton?
  13. Alternatively and old Airfield would suffice, runways would be in place already plus some accomodation. RAF Alconbury would have been good, good transport links, rural area.
  14. Nah, it'd get confused with the MDHU in Northallerton :)