If there is a 50-50 US Senate tie....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. This is for the constitition lawyers wannabes out there conversant with American legislative procedure.

    I know that in the case of a tie in a senate vote the VP is the tie breaker. My question is: in the event of a 50-50 seat tie between the parties , who will elect the all important Majority leader? Can the parties share the position? I don't think the constitution provides for this eventuality.

  2. IIRC the vice president has the casting vote, but that might just be the congress...


    {Edited to add}


    Is the link to an answer. I was correct. Damn, not sure where I pulled that one from since I am definately not a constitutional (US) expert. Perhaps it was in Tom Clancy?!

  3. Thanks buddy. Now I can die happy. :D

    Always knew if I stuck around this site long enough I would learn something.
  4. Glad to assist in yr future funeral requirements.

    Sadly, whatever the Tom Clancy novel is where Jack Ryan becomes Vice President (prior to becoming president when the Jumbo wipes out Capitol Hill) mentions something in it. I must be very sad to remember it though.

    Off to indent for a new life.

  5. Are you thinking of " Executive Orders?"
  6. That's the chestnut! Thanks. I think there is some comment about Jack Ryan being the 'leader of the house' in there before he goes to get sworn in...

    One thing about Clancy, his research is good! It's a few years since I read that too, so something seems to have stuck!