If The World Could Vote For The Next US President

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Markintime, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. This is a site which lets the whole world place a theoretical vote for the next US President. It gives you the results so far as well.

    President Mandelson?
  2. Well, they're sort of on the right lines. He is a Brit after all. They just need to identify a Brit who's not a slimy, corrupt moral vacuum to run America and we're good to go.

    I've always though 'Elizabeth' would be such a good name for the first female US ruler...
  3. Voted Obama on there, Mccain has Palin.. She's a moron :|
  4. Interesting results from macedonia 88.3% for McCain
  5. Hard choice for the Yanks...

    McCain is old now - what will he be like in 8 years time?

    Obama is another version of Bliar IMHO and wouldn't wish that on anyone.

    What about Colin Powell for pressie?
  6. Just passed it to a couple of spams I work with and they are fuming, he he he. For that factor alone it was worth it.
  7. The way that the Biased Broadcasting Corporation has been pushing Obama for the last 8 months, I thought we were allowed to vote!
  8. Who has come out for Obama, by the way.
  9. rest of the world seems to want obama fairly fecking obvious do we vote for the old gimp who wants to bomb anywhere not the USA or the one who does'nt want to bomb anyone so fat hhhhhhh tough one.
    no bombs on me please
  10. Colin Powell? He can't even pronounce his own name properly.

  11. Now that is a thought provoking idea, it certainly would have the white is right voters in a dilemma.( Obama v Powell)
  12. Sideshow Bob for Pres !
  13. Looking at the results, 80% of the world seem to want Obama. That means that McCain will romp home then!!!!
  14. 200 countries on that list. ATM McCain has 1 on his side (Macedonia) and 1 split even (Albania). Looks like the rest of the World want Obama.

    When/if news of this gets widespread in the USA, I reckon it may just give McCain a massive boost.
  15. Present clown is not enough? :D