If the West hadn't got involved in the Middle East...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 3, 2017.

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    Balfour Declaration was 2 November 1917, 3 years before Mandatory Palestine, and before we had militarily defeated the Ottomans in the Levant, you could be confusing it with the later Balfour Declaration of 1926
  2. The aquaduct?
  3. And the sanitation
  4. Remember what the city used to be like ,Reg?
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  5. You are very right.
    Modifies but doesn't invalidate my thumbsuck analysis?
  6. Some cultures just need a bit of a bastard in charge. The threat of an ASBO just isn't going to cut it with some people. Rather strange really - the Govt are now keen to demonstrate how civil rights and 'entitlements' don't count when / if you run to ISIS yet, we initially thought a very kinetic demonstration of "democracy" peace and love would change all of that.
  7. If the Barbary States had not been the first group of Arab States to declare war on the newly independent United States?

    You also seem to overlook the attempted Muslim invasion of Europe, and over three hundred years of slave raids by the Barbary pirates over most of Europe which some would say was pretty serious Middle Eastern meddling in the West.
  8. I don't.

    There are plenty of places to vent anti Islam moonhowlery, this isn't supposed to be one.
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  9. You don’t what?

    Overlook it?

    Factor it in?

    History is not moon howling.

    Putting just one side of the picture ie 'Western meddling’ is moon howling.
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  10. In invading Kuwait Hussein made it easy for the US, during late 1990 early 1991 Bush must have been praying Hussein didn't withdraw his troops from Kuwait and he didn't disappoint did he. But on this occasion his brinkmanship failed on a scale he could never have envisaged. Personally I agreed with the first Gulf war, I think to eject Iraqi forces from Kuwait was the right course of action. However, the second war, the invasion of Iraq. I'm not so sure what it was all about, other than Bush Jr wanting regime change in Iraq of course.
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  11. ‘If ‘ such an overused word.

    ‘If' Saddam had not tried for nuclear weapons, ‘if' he had not used gas on his own people, ‘if’ he had not invaded Kuwait, ‘if’ he had not obstructed the UN inspectors.

    Rather naval gazing and pointless thread really.
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  12. Then feel free to either start your own thread, or refrain from non commenting on this one.
  13. It was a direct comment on the relative pointlessness of this thread.

    What ‘If’, 'If only’, ‘If’ we had done this or that. 'Current Affairs' is dealing with what is happening now.
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  14. Edit: @Resasi - you've marked this as "old".

    Its the whole point of the thread. What would the world look like now.

    Current Affairs, News and Analysis
    Politics, Current Affairs, Geo-Political Analysis

    Geo political analysis.
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  15. If the West hadn't got involved in the Middle East...
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