If the West hadn't got involved in the Middle East...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 3, 2017.

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  1. What would the World look like now?

    I heard of China telling the US not to mess up their sphere of interest in the manner they messed up the ME. (I paraphrase slightly.)

    Would the world be a better place?

    Saddam would still be in power, committing wholesale slaughter but keeping the lid on a volatile country. Ditto Gaddafi, and if he'd still been in power the whole problem with mass refugee migration to Europe probably wouldn't have happened.

    With the established leaders in place and unchallenged, would ISIS / AQ have flourished in the manner they have? Would we be seeing the wave of Islamist inspired terrorism?

    Would it actually matter if AQ had taken power in Afghanistan? Human rights would have been out of the window in many of those places, but is the attempted imposition of Western mores on long established regimes actually the right thing to do?
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  2. Boring..........................

    And, as you've never been to Afghanistan, what's the point?
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  3. How is that working out for Syria with Assad still in place
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  4. Christ how far do you want to go back, I blame all those God books and sky pixies.
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  5. Subscribe to read

    Think Patrick Robinson covered Chinese influence thwarted by the USN
  6. Probably to Him. :)
  7. Have you?
  8. Ad hom.

    How tiresome.

    Are you drunk again?
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  9. Behind a paywall...

  10. It's to make them democratic innit like
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  11. One point I alluded to - the imposition of Western mores on relatively stable regimes.
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  12. Eventually all the ME states will go back to one mean hard man with a big stick, that's the only way they understand.
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  13. You take the lid off of Pandora's Box and you get chaos. Pity Bliar and Bush didn't heed. :cool:
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  14. Trump's clearly not listening [shock, surprise] tonight's news suggests he thinks he can put economic pressure on China to do something stupid over Korea.
  15. Not for I it is not :D