If the RAF Regiment were disbanded.....

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by TheHelpfulStacker, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. ....do you believe infantrymen would be happy taking on their role?

    Just wondering about this as it has come up during a discussion on PPRUNE. I was hoping for a more recent view on this than the one I can offer.

    This isn't a thread about slagging off the RAF Regt, just that if defence cuts were made and they were to go would you be happy taking on their tasks?

    If not, who do you think should do it (sensible answers please chaps).

  2. I'm not slagging off the RAF but the INF boys are pretty well trained and could cover the rock apes jobs with ease. Thing is would we have enough troops with commitments?
  3. Give the job to inf TA and put rockapes in line Regts and let them earn a day's pay for a change!
  4. So the 4 rocks who where killed in iraq and stan this year never earned there pay FaceLikeAPingPongBall ?
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Most TA inf are currently employed as IRs backfilling their regular Bns for tours, or already committed to FP tasks. If the RAF Regt were not doing it, you would need to provide additional training for the less frequently deployed non inf units so that they could do it, or shorten the between tour interval.

    Keep the SRDG doing their jobs, sure as hell the army don't need the additional work.
  6. Transfer all Rockapes to the Army, and then share the workload.
  7. Perhaps if the Royal Marines were disbanded the infantry could also do that. It's a bit of a bone statement but it's not a lot different from the one made on here. The RAF Regiment do a specific job as do the line infantry regiments. Another point to consider is, if the RAF Regt were to be disbanded would the blokes who presently join it opt for the infantry, I don't think so ,so the effect would be for the infantry to have more jobs to cover with less men .
    THe RAF Regiment have a job to do which they are very good at ,in the same way as the infantry/cavalry/ RLC/REME etc have their job in the scheme of things.
  8. Infantry could do RAF job its a fact. simple case of man power, waste of money RAF Reg

  9. Schoolstaffinstructor i can see you put alot of thought into that answer.
  10. So, any ideas on how to get a quart out of a pint pot then? Given the issues around INF recruitment, retention, overstretch etc etc, generating another 2500 infanteers to fill the RAF Reg's duties will be a doddle eh?

    INF could do the RAF Regt's job -- so what? They were supposed to do that on Crete, 1941, but fecked up big style, hence the creation of the RAF Regt in the first place. The RAF can't rely on an overstretched Army to provide FP, or worse -- rely on other nations' FP -- so will be very reluctant to give up on the Regt.
  11. Ahem cough! RMP have Force Protection in their job spec.
  12. Oh some units only wish they had lost 4 bod and had the safety of KAF et al with all its aminities to lurk around all day!

    Perspective, to$$er.
  13. Perhaps I should re-iterate a couple of points.

    The question I asked was "do you believe infantrymen would be happy taking on their role?" I'm not arguing about whether the infantry could do the RAF Regt's job, I take that as a given as the average British infantryman is the most flexible and adaptable serviceman in the world and I'm not asking you to work out where the troops would come from to cover the task. All I'm asking is would you as an individual be happy to do the tasks currently undertaken by the RAF Regt?

    Also can I once again re-iterate this is not a thread for slagging off the RAF Regt. As hard as it may seem to some they do do a task that is essential, especially in the current operational climate as protecting all those expensive eggs whilst they rest in comparatively few baskets is an important task no matter what you may think of the organisation performing the task.

    Once again, thank you for your comments so far and thank you for any useful ones that are still to come.
  14. Why is the RAF regt a waste of money? would you feel happier if they were called the airfield defence regt and given green dress uniforms and told they were in the army now?
    They earn their pay by doing the job they are given and doing it to the best of their ability.
    there are some big timing types in it just the same as there are posers in army and marine units. the apes do their job and if the money wasnt spent on them it would have to be spent on someone else doing the same job.
    they face their share of danger. If you doubt it come to headley court and chat to a rock ape mate of mine. he cant hit you at the moment cos his arms are too bad so you could explain to him how he is a useless REMF and could never get into danger but dont mention the lads he was trying to protect when they were all hit because my arms are fine.