If the PM phoned you at home what would you say?

Gordon Brown routinely telephones voters at home to talk about Labour policy, Downing Street has confirmed.


If he phoned you at home what would you say to him?

I would probably say hold on a minute I'll just get a pen then put the phone on the coffee table and carry on what I was doing. :wink:


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After much thought something along the lines of

You are a soulless characterless charlatan who I have no time to waste on. Do everyone a favour and go get a life outside politics. One question, does your phone do this? Tschüss....

Short, sweet and I wouldn't even bother to swear. He is not worth the effort.
"Hello, you have reached the office of DigitalGeek. Your call is important to us. In order to deal with your query please choose from the following options. To discuss how you have turned this country into a festering pile of shyte, press one. To discuss how you have failed to control immigration, press two. To discuss how you have allowed an entire generation to grow up with the IQ of a sea cucumber, press three. To discuss why you have allowed national pride to dissapear into a black hole, press four. To dicuss why you tax the living hide of the average working man or woman, whilst allowing MP's to claim millions in expenses, press five. Alternatively, if you want to speak to someone who will vote for you, please call Joderel Bank or SETI and they will put you in touch with our Alpha Centauri office, because they are probably the only people in the universe who will vote for you. Please press zero to hear the options again, or in other words, do us all a favour and FCUK OFF!"


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I'd ask him if he has had any job offers since he is going to be in his current employment for 18months max. If he hasn't had any then I'd offer him a job mowing my lawn- it would match his talents brilliantly after we got rid of the grass and had ornamental stone put it 7 years ago.
Hello, W@nker. Please do the country a service and go and kill yourself. You fcuking waste of skin. :evil:
I believe the question is "what wouldn't I say to him"?
'Sir, since you are so eminently qualified to lead a country in war time, I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on our national strategy for victory in the War on Terror is? What that you say? The part time defense secretary you appointed doesn't have one? You, in fact, don't have the first fcuking clue what you're playing at? You and the last pr1ck have been sending British boys and girls off to sh1teholes for 7 years without any idea how we're going to finish it, and indeed are just hanging on the Yanks coattails now? Why, sir, then you must be one top fatherless cnut frequent m@sturbator, aren't you sir?'
Hello Mr Brown, i have a pistol with one round, you can borrow it if you promise to do a good job on yourself and only drop it on the carpet.
I had better load it for you and release the safety catch as you would'nt have a clue, but then you have heard this before.



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"Oooh, a Scottish accent. Fancy the pictures and a Ruby this Friday night?"

Then track his number and post it here.


B_AND_T said:
After much thought something along the lines of

:D me too, or go feckyourself you twaat I'm supposed to be exfecking directory!


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You and your useless cronies can just fcuk right off.

For 10 years you have ruined this country, kowtowed to Europe and political correctness, destroyed national pride and the Union, wasted billions of hard-earned tax-payers money, pretended to be tough on crime when it just keeps getting worse, perfected spin and manipulation of the truth and therefore lied about pretty much everything. Do you want me to go on ? Get off the phone and do something useful, like resigning.


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Come on folks - this is the wrong place for this, and you know it! It's already been done at ARRSE NAAFI

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