If the MOD was a mastercard advert...

Charter a plane to fly a NW based TA unit and 1/2 a Company of Gurkhas from Cyprus to Kent: £12,000

Coach rental from Kent to Manchester: 2x £750

The look on the blokes faces as the empty plane takes off for Manchester*: Priceless

For a superior level of f*ckwittery, you can rely on the MOD.

* The MOD having refused permission for us to stay on it.
jarrod248 said:
Why was permission refused?
No idea. Perhaps Bubbles_Barker knows?

Most likely because it is easier to say 'No' than to accept responsibility for taking any other decision.

Crew were happy to take us.

Because the buses were already booked and would have cost money to cancel (albeit a smaller amount)?
Because to keep them on the plane would have been common sense and the MOD didn't want to be associated with that kind of decision? :?


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