If The London Protestor Was A Muslim.....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by loggielad, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. After seeing the coverage of the man getting pushed over by that copper the other week, most people have agreed it was way over the top....which without doubt in my mind it was.

    But cast your mind back to the protests in Luton a few weeks back. With the muslim protestors and the way they acted. They were aggressive, abusive and racist.

    The Police did nothing to control them. A whole group of protestors made a total nuisance of themselves and were not even at a protest, it was a homecoming parade for 2 royal anglian.

    Now the man at the protest in London was white. He was alone. And didnt appear to pose a threat to the police.

    Can you imagine the uproar there would have been if he was Muslim. The story would have been much bigger than it is now.

    There would have been protests across the country, Muslim groups would have caused mayhem and the copper would have been locked up and had the key thrown away.

    Because the victim was a white man its all been kept fairly low key.

    Is there something very wrong in Britain nowadays???
  2. You can have white muslims just as much as asian christians, you cannot tell by looking what someones religion (if any) is.
  3. It would have been a case of batten down the hatches. The Met would have been castigated and every lowlife MP would take thier snouts out of the trough momentarily to voice thier indignation at the brutality.
  4. Erm I think you'll find it is being investigated by the Police Complaints Commission.

    There is plenty wrong with Britain these days but that has got feck all do with this situation as you perceive it. :roll:
  5. In my opinion ethnic related incidents get far too much media attention and does nothing for ethnic relations. This hasn't been kept low key because he is white, it just hasn't been blown out of all porportion because he isn't.
  6. Never let logic get in the way of a good rant.