If the Koreas go to war together, what would the British response be?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rogue_trader, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. The news tells us that it is getting more and more likley that the Koreans are about to have a skirmish, but is mute on what our response will be.

    What if anything, would we do in the event that there is war?

    If we went in what would our roles be?
  2. We could send an aircraft carrier to provide air.....
  3. Ruffle copy of Daily Telegraph, take a sip of tea and tell the yanks to get stuffed, it's none of our business or theirs for that matter
  4. Threat state to "Have a Nice Cup of Tea."
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    And suck teeth, muttering, thats gonna be nasty...
  6. Panic. Send some observers, and cry because there's nothing left in the budget and all the troop are busy elsewhere.
  7. I think the key word everyone is looking for is 'watch'...we would watch.
  8. "If the Koreas go to war together ............... " against whom?
  9. Sod all, I suspect. Hardly a bad thing as it's December, it'll be ****ing freezing in Korea right now.

    Edit: bright and sunny and -13ºC in Seoul right now.
  10. Serious answer - probably very little beyond diplomatic support, and maybe some various ELINT, ISTAR platforms if the US ask for them, and if there is a vessel in the region, possibly a maritime presence too.

    The US / ROK have been rehearsing for the potential conflict for 60 years, and I gather their plans are well advanced on how to work together in wartime. Any coalition presence would get in the way of these plans, and would be put somewhere where it could do the least amount of damage in my view. Think Iraq and the various MCFI nations, which were for the most part a staff officer at a desk in Baghdad or Basra, but who had their flags flown alongside all other partners...
  11. As a matter of legal/historical interest, since the Korean War is officially still ongoing (just subject to a ceasefire) are the original combatants - including China and the United Nations - still regarded as such? I.e. if the 1953 ceasefire breaks down, is the 1953 United Nations (including UK) obliged to stand by its original resolutions - including its mandated use of military force?
  12. Aren't we still tied to the defence South korea through some kind of UN Resolution?

    Anyway, there is little we can do. And even if we did have the capabilities, why would we want to?
  13. Send tekirdag to work on the DPRK missile projects, that'll learn 'em...
  14. Meh - There's so much firepower concentrated in such a small area that the High-intensity stuff would be done and dusted by the time you could say "British Armoured Formation, by boat, from Marchwood to Seoul". Besides which, even a full armoured Division would be a very small drop in the ocean in comparison to the conventional forces that are currently facing off against each other there. For example, rumourcon has it that there are hundreds (thousands?) of NK artillery pieces within range of Seoul. There is a strand of staff officer thinking that likes to highlight an NK high-intensity conflict as something we'd get involved in, and as an excuse to perpetuate maneouvrist thinking as the be-all and end-all but it's pie in the sky.

    What we are getting much better at (for some reason I can't fathom) is the COIN/STAB side of things. Assuming this were to happen post-Herrick, we'd probably get involved in some form of stab op, perhaps in the North? If it were to happen while Herrick is running at current intensity, we'd not be able to do that - stab ops are enduring and we don't have the troops. Because the Army is too small.

    Of course, there's always the worst case scenario, in which the US respond to NK aggression so hard and fast that the Chinese have to step in... or would that be history repeating?
  15. Once again though, why would we want to get involved? Wouldn't we be better served sitting back and watching? What would yet another costly war on the other side on the earth give us?