If the Euro fails.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, May 15, 2010.

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  1. ....makes holidays abroad a ball-ache again currency wise...
  2. I shall laugh my semi-redundant 'dangly' bits off and keep the other item ready to celebrate the collapse of the unelected and unaccountable European Soviet Union.

    I shall also rejoice that we in GB would keep the £14,500,000 a day that currently we give away to the Euroswine.
  3. I wouldn't rejoice just yet: the latter part of the article described Merkel's support for a proposal that Economic and political union must be ever closer and governments should be obliged to present their Budgets to the Commission before adoption.
  4. Aaaahhh I see the cunning argument. The EU has only failed because it wasn't politically strong enough - we need a much stronger treaty which will bind us all together and stop any countries from straying from the agreed Franco-German economic model. "One country, one people, one leader" sort of thing - perhaps it sounds better in another language.
  5. Fukc the kraut bitch
  6. Dn't even joke about it, I get paid in Euro.
  7. If the Euro fails the EU fails?
    So any ideas on how to make the Euro fail?
  8. Hitler would be proud.
  9. Well done, Trigger.
  10. I know. I just wanted to state the bloody obvious for those that did not get it :D
  11. Then you noticed that he got the words country and people in the wrong places?
  12. Maybe we both fcuked up..

    "One People, One Empire, One Leader"
  13. Excuse my ignorance on this issue but how many countries would need to be in a similar position as Greece before the EU Contingency plan was severly tested: within a Finance & Political level?
  14. I'm with lsquared watching my also semi redundant balls fall off whilst laughing so much.

    From the linked article ".....collapse of communism." I thought that this had been re-created in the EUSSR