If the Conservatives want my vote they have too:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. From the telegraph comments page -

    What would make you vote Tory? Keep it sensible no matter how attractive this other comment might be -


  2. That'll do for me.
  3. Reduce benefits to subsistence levels to restore the status of benefits as a safety net, not a lifestyle choice.

    Establish an entitlement system for the NHS and stop taxpayers funds paying for frivolous treatments.

    Re-establish proper sentences for crime, free the Police from bureaucracy and allow them to be politically independent again (i.e sack the idiot Blair).

    Root out the socialists ruining the education system and make all local authorities establish Grammar Schools.

    Either revoke the ludicrous, half-arsed devolution attempts, or scrap the Barnett formula and precipitate independence, I no longer care which.

    Oh, and the execution of New Labour politicians as well - not a pre-requisite, but I would look on it as an election bonus.
  4. Bring back the death sentence for kiddie fiddlers and big-time drug dealers
  5. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Accountability by MPs for their actions/inactions:

    if caught with their hand in the till - sacked as MPs and new election.
    if caught deliberately lying to Parliament/media (therefore us) lose any ministerial post they have
    if they blame their staff for any actions carried out on their behalf then that demonstrates they are unfit to be leaders of the country - sack em.

    Also there should be a complete review of the priviledges parliamentarians get in Westminster. Paid a very high salary yet have subsidised bars/ restaurants - why?

    A promise from Cameron that he would lead a change in attitude from doing as much for themselves (MPs) to "what can we (MPs) do for the country?"
  6. Direct everyone who works for the Equal Opportunities Commission to the nearest job centre.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Rescind the Human Rights Act

    Introduce a flat tax system

    Follow the Australian example of publishing all government contracts.

    Publish all 'consultants' reports commissioned by at the tax payers' expense

    Have a genuine commitment to striking a law off the statue books for every new one they introduce

    Promise not to publish knee-jerk, populist legislation when the laws we already have are perfectly adequate.

  8. How about:

    Start governing the country on behalf of the people instead of seeing the position as an opportunity to feather one's own nest.
  9. No problem there. About time some democracy was introduced to the Europe debate.

    Hmmm. What with? Although a revitalised coal industry might not be a bad thing - a stabilising factor in deprived areas. Otherwise, the technology for renewables isn’t well enough developed to take on the load. We should certainly be making more of them and of efficiency technologies, but where’s the ‘independence' in switching from one fuel to another if we don’t have enough of it within our borders?

    So long as Scotland gets to keep Fresh Talent, no problems. A one-size-doesn't-fit-all approach is what got us in the current constitutional situation in the first place.

    Hear hear!

    The phrase decimation springs to mind.

    A good start. But we'll need to root out all the other opportunities for cronyism and patronage that infest our body politic.

    And bin this idea that there's any argument for State funding of political parties. Apply Market Forces to politics same as any other facet of public life. Sauce for the goose.

    Provided we also keep good quality schools open for pupils who aren’t capable of or interested in academic study. We’ll still need plumbers and joiners, they just need to be able to do a minimum level of reading, writing and arithmetic.

    I can see a few potential pitfalls with the first batch, but that last one is a sure fire vote winner. Why exclude it? I’m not particularly pro-Tory, preferring to vote the person not the party, but that’d get my vote straight away.

    With the proviso that the injured get priority seats by the scaffold and a lot in the draw to pull the lever.
  10. Unfortunately I grew up in a single parent family during the height of the Tory era and remember the downright shoddy treatment that my mother received off the government. Raising three kids alone is difficult enough but with no childcare support and insufficient benefits to live on, including no supplementary income allowance it was no picnic.

    If the Tories pledge to help those that, in my view, need help, whilst expunging more vigorously those that don't, then I would consider getting past my bitterness. However, my experience of the butt-end of social reform policy is that Tory governments deal with these issues like most rich, privileged white men with no true understanding of the situation they're addressing; with a meat cleaver instead of a scalpel.
  11. If it gets rid of this labour shite then they will have my vote
    I only hope that the great unwashed and benifit claimers do the same however i truly do not believe so
  12. I know I'm going to over simply things and probably upset some in doing so, but this really is a simple issue once you remove the personal element.

    If you were brought up in a single parent family because one of your parents lost their life in the service of this country (military, police etc), then you should rightly expect the country to support you.

    If you were brought up in a single parent family because your parents first made a life-style choice to have 3 kids, and then at some later stage decided to make another life-style choice not to be a family any longer, then I don't see why the country should fund your parents' life-style choices.

    I have the greatest sympathy for you, as a child growing up in this situation, as you had no 'choice' in the matter. Did your parents 'choose' it to be this way?

    As someone mentionned above, the welfare system should be a safety net for the unfortunate and unlucky, not an life-style option for the irresponsible or the bone-idle.
  13. The sad reality is that our choices are restricted to either Nu Liabour or Tory. NL are not going to consider any of the very sensible preconditions listed, which only leaves Cameron's mob. However, as I have yet to see an elected government live up to it's manifold manifesto promises, I am not going to hold my breath...
  14. In answer to you point, it was my father's choice and not my mothers. He left, took the house, the car and, of course, the money and left my stay-at-home mother and the three of us to live in a bed-sit for a year until we were forced to live with my grandparents as my Mum could no longer afford to look after us as her benefits weren't measured on a per child basis.

    I do find the term 'life-style choice' to be widely inadequate to cover any number of situations where people can become single-parent families. Further to this, you are correct that the benefits system did punish children and not parents.
  15. Obviously, cases like that of your family should be handled with sympathy. Your mother was not at fault. But for every woman like you're Ma, there are a lot of other stupid slags who get knocked up either because they are too fcuking stupid/lazy to take precuations, or because they want the "benefit lifestyle".

    IMHO, if you don't believe, at the time you get pregnant, that you can provide for a child - don't have it. If you have a child and expect the State to provide for you, the child should be taken off you and put up for adoption by a family that can pull it's own weight.

    End rant.