If the Cap fits, wear it

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aleegee1698, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. This male/female was spotted at one of last years Remembrance Parades, sporting what looks like a Twat-hat 3 sizes too large and No.2s to match.

    Looks like SDSR has really taken off, or the QM s burned down. Obviously no mirrors on camp either. Or irons.

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  2. annnnnnnnnd ?
  3. Would you have left your room, looking like that?!
  4. Is it an officer? That could explain the state of it's turn out.
  5. Fred Scuttle?
  6. What a great thread - cheers you dull kunt!
  7. C'mon bollocks, you not well or summat, not up to your usual speck this you know, quite disappointed TBH. Clearly a ACF Occifer. However, I think I noticed that fat Londoner out of birds of a feather in the background, so it ALMOST made it interesting, NOT Pauline Quirk, the other fekker, and where's me tenner you bastard!!!! :)
  8. Yeh, you and CCTA are right, I m bored and "home alone", should be down the Pub but cant be arsed. Wheres all the decent humour, debate etc? Probably all down the pub, oh well.

    The cheques in the post
  9. Get yer arrse down the pub then yer feckin looper! :)
  10. overopensights

    overopensights LE Book Reviewer

    Must be a walt, he's wearing a field officer's hat and a lieutenant's pips.
  11. Not necessarily, QOY Subbies have a silver 'braid' on their caps, maybe other Yeomanry Regts do as well cos I can't make out the shoulder titles but they look to long to be QOY.
  12. Being ex RGJ, I'd say that was Guardsman smart.
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  13. Maybe it's this bloke in disguise

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  14. So it was the meekon in the twat hat then?
  15. Could be, bit of make-up and a big hat......