If somethings goes wrong at AACC unit to choose?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by 2_Canadian_Beers, Jul 5, 2005.

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  1. Hello to all, as some of you may care to remember I have choosen the field of gunner and field observation post assitant with future goal of 29 Commando. Obviously injury or failing to prepare properly can play part at the course and was wondering about other units to choose as a second opition. I have yet to hit the AACC, but am just interested in catching up on some reading and learning about OP work with other units.

    Cheers 2CB
  2. Go for it fella...

    29 CDO have a very very interesting FST concept that encapsulates there OP Acks NGO's and FAC trained bods.

    I personally wish we could all adopt their concept but the cold hard fact is money and training.

    Most Field Gnr Units all have there own Tac Gps. In ours we have 2 Mech TAC GPs mounted in Warrior and two dismounted TAC GPs, so the best of both worlds.

    Within Units TAC GPs tend to be out on exercise more than the GUN Groups, we also spend alot of time with our affiliated Battle Groups. i.e living with Infantry or Tanks or recce.

    The Targeting Trade is all i know but there are other trades within the Artillery you can go for and can give you the same job satisfaction so dont rule them out.

    If 29 CDO does not float your boat anymore remember theres 7 PARA RHA or 4 / 73 Spec OPs if your into the SF type stuff.

    There is a lot of Units within the Artillery as im sure you are aware. Take time to browse the Artillery website for an indepth view of what each unit has to offer.

    Failing that tip us a PM and ill send you a committal card...we take anyone!!!
  3. A tip from an ex gunner, get into HQ and put the kettle on mate.

  4. How pissed were you when you posted this?
  5. Agree with Gmonster...........go for the best - FST 29 Cdo [148] The across-the-board training is phenominal.