Discussion in 'REME' started by REMEWOTAJOKE, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Since it's nearly xmas,I got round to thinking (MUSN'T LET THE WIFE FIND OUT!) what treats I'd really like and I came up with the following;
    1. At least 6 months notice of posting from Auntie Records.
    2. The return of "YELLOW HANDBAGS"
    3. Bacon Grill and Baconburgers.
    Then my thought train was interuppted anyone got anything else they'd really love for xmas?
  2. Erm, my two front teeth?

  3. Charlotte Church standing properly at ease, shirt up bandolier fashion with her head in my in tray...

    Twos up on the bacon burgers and Herforder Handbags is a no-brainer!
  4. 1.A posting clerk who reads pref posting forms.
    2.A new set of shock cups.
  5. Officers that listen and have the borrocks to take decisive non-career enhancing decisions occasionally and not wonder what the CO/Bde Comd will think.

    Not just smile at the men and think, I must be better than you oh thick one, I am an officer,,,,, and just occasionally accept that the soldiers, just once or twice in their 22 years, may be right!

    and from my left wing liberal softie spouse,,,,,, the end of the AGC (wont go into details of suggested methods at this point)
  6. a bike.

    Every year I put it on the list and see what I get -feckin socks and chocolate! Where's me feckin bike!
  7. An end to paperwork that takes me off the shopfloor; even Santa and his biggest fcuk off ponies may have trouble with that one though.

    Failing that, my own bar in Osnabruck, some hefty blonde bird in one hand and a bratty in another.
  8. You may like to listen to Australian comic (sorry, lousy timing for you cricket fans!) 'Kevin BLoody Wilson' performing a song called 'Hey Santa Clause you Cnut' Its all about a boy missing his bike :twisted:
  9. You'll find him on www.kevfm.com
  10. I would like a posting out of 12 ra
  11. Cuddles I see your Charloote standing at ease and raise you Charlotte in Assault vest and stockings adopting the 'lady' press up position :D

  12. heh heh nice one mate, thanks.
  13. 1. My transfer to come anytime soon
    2. ******** seniors to get a grip (much like the statement about OC's)
    3. For people in the REME to use there heads and think about why they stay in the REME when everyone else has it so much easier??(maybe)
    4. My transfer!!!
  14. FCUKin good excuse for cancelling our holiday to Germany, now I know they don’t do Yellow Handbags.
  15. How about us ORs being able to have a job for life like all our ooficers and an end to all this officer(retd) crap?
    I'm gonna be Cfn(retd)