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If only this were in the UK...

Japan PM apologises for failures

Japan's Prime Minister Taro Aso has publicly apologised for what he called his failures and for his ruling party's string of local election losses.

He spoke hours after dissolving parliament ahead of an early general election scheduled for 30 August.

Opinion polls suggest the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) could lose heavily to the opposition Democratic Party (DPJ) in the election.

A DPJ victory would end five decades of almost uninterrupted rule by the LDP.

'"My shortcomings caused mistrust from the public and I apologise from my heart for this," Mr Aso said to his party's legislators in a televised speech.

BBC News Link

If only Brown would do the same!!
Omega90129 said:

If only Brown would do the same!!
What. Drink traditional tea in a ritual, have your best mate (or in his case Mandy Pandy) go out to the No 10 decking facing the setting sun opening his XXXL shirt and plunging a knife (unenforced by the Labour Police for carrying an offensive weapon) into his belly crossing left to right and up and doon, then bezzer chopping heed off; end of ceremony.

Somehow I think this is one Jap traditon he will ignore.... :(

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