If Only! The solution to equipment cutbacks!

One has to think that the Chiefs of Staff missed out on a perfect opportunity to deal with the thorny issue of cutbacks and missing equipment every time a prominent politician visits a war zone.

Picture this......

Prominent politician and retinue of hangers on arrives in theatre. They are promptly herded on to a wokka where in flight they are issued with their kit and gat by a jaded SQMS - remember one size fits all:

'Combats one, Helmet one, Boots one, Woolworths gun one, ammo one, Body armour one between 10, sign 'ere!'

The wokka puts down at deserted desert outpost and the retinue are herded off into the uhlu to be met by a somewhat grizzled Corporal and a reseplendant Staff Officer. 'This way minister old boy, the chaps are going to take you for a ramble in the country. Minister: 'Er is it dangerous?' 'Oh no perfectly safe old chap, just make sure you are wearing your body armour - these fellows have a strange way of negative voting.' Anyway you'll be travelling in a landrover - sorry it hasn't got any ECM but then you know about that - cut backs you know......

On that note my thoughts are that if you round up a few procurement wallahs and send them out as well maybe the govt and the MOD will totally rethink operational requirements......



As I believe it is indeed your fine self why don't you resurrect the Phantom Scribbler right here in ARRSE with your own Phantom Scribbler Thread...

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