If only I had had the chance to say thank you

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by StevenPreece, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. After I left the armed forces I had a problem with settling down into civvy street and fortunately received a bit of guidance along the way. There was a former matelot whom I met. He was a chiropractor and treated me for a kneck problem. He also guided me into the world of Ninjutsu, which truly did help me to control my aggression and to more easily settle into a world that was for me at that time, becoming very difficult.

    I haven't seen the guy for a few years now and was deeply saddened to hear that he recently took his own life. I truly wish I had the chance just to say thank you to him, but unfortunately this was not to be.



  2. That's what happens when you realise everyone you've helped along the way is an ungreatful jack b@stard who never says thanks!
  3. Aye, its a shame, but they do say life's a bassard then you die!!

    He was a top guy though.


  4. Could he vanish?

    Maybe he isn't dead, maybe he cashed in his ninja skills and turned into a puff of smoke.

    Be careful he doesn't re-appear on your pikey decking and have you doing wax on wax off movements


    No way this fella was a Ninja, he looks like he belongs in a freddi Mercury tribute band..... besides, he isn't wearing black Pyjamas
  5. And I thought I was a hard pi$$taking b@stard!

    (He probably topped himself before Freddie's illness got to much of a hold on his immune system if the picie's anything to go by!)

  6. No way Sweet Cheeks, respect for your trainspotting memory for outting the cnut!
  7. Glad to make your aquaintance.

    Thanks for the compliments. A cnut is useful I suppose. Now I could call you derogotry names but I can't be boshed with crap like that.

    I could be an attention seeker, but in reality I'm just here for the banter. Same as everybody else I guess.

    Okay so I wrote a couple of books. Whoopee do. No big licks really.


  8. Hi
    have you tried his family ,maybe they would appreciate something like that. Knowing he helped someone.

    Take care
  9. Just explain to us, to set the record straight why you posted as judders and claimed to be Para Regt.

    I know its a while ago but I'm sure you'll remember

    Meanwhile I will slide a finger into my own rectum
  10. I read these comments some time ago. However, it wasn't I who posted as judder. I read what he wrote about an internet cafe. Well I have used a couple. I'm a former marine (cabbage head if you like) I wouldn't try and convince people I'm a Para. I have mutual respect for all branches of the armed forces. All have pride in their regiments and all have a purpose amongst the UKs military machine.

    I posted as myself previously but stopped posting because the reception I received was a bit silly really. However, I have continued to read posts on this site and have enjoyed them. Consequently I've come back for the banter.


  11. Blimey.... The internet cafes open at some strange times near you.

    He managed to post from the same cafe as you on the same day on more than one occasion

    Crikey, the world is a terribley small place....... so small that they've move internet cafe's into peoples houses.
  12. You mean you've come back to try and get a few more sales of your book. No one wants to read that pish. Stop using this site for cheap advertising you tight cnut.