If Only I Could Be As Determined As Her

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hesk, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. If this is the fat bird, then it's been done before, twice I think?
  2. So she's nearly 43 stone and she's aiming for over 70 stone. :omfg:
    I don't reckon that's possible with only 24 hours in the day ..... and only one mouth.

    (There are lots of comments under that article.)
  3. She's so huge ................. she needs three threads?
  4. apoligies if done before, but was dated only yesterday, thought i might have been the first
  5. "She needs a mobility scooter to go shopping"

    NoSh1t Sherlock, with an extra wide seat no doubt.

    Maybe thats one diet that can work, she have her own exercise video(dvd) out next, for training up a fast pie arm
  6. If she was living on the Falklands, there'd be twelve.

    At least.
  7. That's bit optimistic, was it the same bloke both times?
  8. In all fairness to her, she's found a way to live a life consisting of vast amounts of food and not having to do anything.
  9. Yesterday you say?
    Thats way too old for our eagle eyed reporters stratigically sited around the globe.
  10. This woman was on the news here this morning. Apparently people pay to watch her eat! :? I wonder if they will pay to watch her post mortem?

    Hey, may be bets can be taken on how long she will last before she pops. I'll give her 8 months :twisted:
  11. Sponsored by Lurpak? McVities? Mr Kipling? :lol:

    EDIT: Or whatever the Oz equivalent?