If only all politicians were like this ...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gunit, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Good luck to the fella, sounds like he's got his head screwed on.
  2. Penrith and Borders is a shoe in, Conservative safe seat.
    To be fair, the bloke at least sounds deserving of a chance.
  3. I don't doubt he plans to be a different type of politician but he won't have time to walk the constituency if he's elected and I doubt this approach would work in most urban areas. He may glean lots of useful information but is he any good at resolving the issues, particularly if they're at odds with Party policies? I'll bet he gets some free walking kit however.
  4. Penrith and Borders is not an urban area though.
    He is trying to gain an understanding of the area he hopes to represent and as such he makes himself a worthy contender.
    Its a damned sight more than most politicians do.
  5. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Would it not be better if all candidates had to be residents (for at least ten years, say) within the constituency they hope to represent, thus ensuring a representative who had a better understanding of those who vote in that area?
  6. Yes I believe you are right. It would help the electorate get MP's that understand their needs.

    It would also prevent the Milibands of the world being shoe-horned into a safe seat and into government regardless of ability or talent.
  7. Jagman, I didn't say P&B was an urban area? I'm not criticising him either, merely suggesting his life and outlook will very likley change if and when he's elected. It's all well and good for Cameron and the Tories to attract 'normal' people as candidates but there also needs to be a good splash of 'governing' experience in the mix. A friend has been selected as a candidate for a town in Wiltshire and whilst she's very bright, hardworking and honest it's unknown if she'll make a good politician (and she doesn't walk anywhere).
  8. My parents live there and actually met him a couple of months ago. There is a massive conservative majority there, 17000. The only thing that puts the locals off is that he is Scottish although the current incumbent is also from north of the border.

    People are still angry about the handling of the Foot and Mouth so Labour will fall back even further and the BNP will most likely benefit from that.
  9. Fair comment.
    The point I was trying to make is that Penrith and Broders has a unique set of requirements to understand.
    The last MP was in the job since the dawn of time, before that it was Willie Whitelaw.
    Put bluntly, a city boy isn't going to understand the people or the environment, this bloke seems to be trying to get a grip on it and I can respect that much of him.
  10. I hope all his walking has given him time to ponder on the big issues facing the next Tory Govt - fuck me they face a challenge and a half to sort out the cluster-fuck this shower will leave them.

    A pity the article didn't articulate his stance on the economy, foreign policy etc. I fear the labour spin goons will grab this story and spin it to pieces.
  11. Absolutely, if nothing else it stops the national party parachuting clueless idiots in.
  12. I was raised in that constuency, I moved away a couple of years ago but otherwise it has always been home to me.
    You are right about foot and mouth, you are also right about the BNP.
  13. For someone so young he has achieved a remarkable amount, including a spell as Deputy Governor of Maysan Province in Iraq. He also has an understanding of the countryside being a native of rural Perthshire. Gets my vote of confidence.
  14. As a native of that area I am impressed by his approach. He seems to be making an effort to understand his constituency. Being an 'Off-comer' (non-Cumbrian) rankles a bit but if he carries on in his current hands-on style he will become respected like Willie Whitelaw was - Willie NEVER forgot who voted for him! Unfortunately, My village has been transfered to a neighbouring 'pocket borough' to bring the numbers up so I cannot vote for him! His Sunday Times (3 Jan 2010) article is sound with the most astute observation being 'Cumbrians are balancing their tolerance of government with acts of iniative and subversion' which sums the species up well.