if offered, would you?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by magictorch, Jul 18, 2006.

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  1. just being curious as to the peoples answers to this question
  2. No, because I'd end up in the NHS in a wee GP surgery somewhere treating chavs.
  3. It would have to be a very decent package in order for me to consider it.
  4. A very, very decent package.
  5. They would have to make up my pension, so the offer would have to be very, very good.
  6. I'm off after completing 20 years, they can keep the pension, I'll be working until I'm 55 anyway so it's not a big issue. Would have been nice to take it obviously, but I'll manage without it.
  7. In a heartbeat after snatching their hand off
  8. It would have to be very good, with only 3 years left..........
  9. hope i am one day in the position where i can blow off £600 a month as not a big issue :)

    that's a big bite of mortgage isn't it?!?
  10. I'd rip their arm off and hit em round the head with the soggy end especially as DRLC has shafted the trade big style.

    It would be a case of follow the Strima shaped blur.
  11. Where do I sign? In fairness I've done my 22 so the pension is in the bag, I'd be more likely get a nice letter telling me I had 12 months left.

  12. Don't be daft mate, they owe you. I'm sure that you can hack the remaining 2 yrs? That's a lot of wonga to lose pal.
  13. 11K a year in my case.
    And 12 months to do before I get to spend it.
  14. You're not wrong there, Kimosabe!!
  15. Tax question would have to come into it as I pay a lot of tax on my pension. Obviously applicable if you get a good salary when you leave but all needs to be taken into account.

    An £11k pension isn't what appears in the bank!! Tax is also a good reason to take maximum commutation too.