if my adjadent says I can soldier on?

hay. with reference to a post i posted a while back about me going awol and returning after 4.5 years. i spoke to my adj. when i came back to the army and i explained to him why i went awol ( if you want to know the whole story look at all my posts. ) my adj said that im allowed to soldier on.

what im wondering is if he says im allowed to soldier on will that have pull in a court martial?

i have been back for about 3 weeks now and it has not been to bad. im trying my best to screw the nut. but there is little to no clarity and im getting told so many diff things from different people im totaly confused.

Ignore other people. Deal with things as they come to you through official sources, if in doubt go and speak to your adjutant to clarify it.

It's hardly going to be easy, you're bound to get some stick off others.
I am rolling with the punches with the other people as I deserve it in some sense. allthough in fairness its not been to bad.

I have to wait for everyone to come back from leave but will ask the adj then. I just thought I would have to go through the chain of command.

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