If Malaria affected mainly Western gay men, would it be cured by now?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Struck by the comment this morning that thosew infected by HIV can expect to live for some 30 years. I'm also well aware of the massive death toll caused by Malaria, and wondered if demographics played a part in the drive for a cure.

    So, if Malaria killed millions of Western gay men, would there be a cure by now?
  2. I really don't follow you BB, can you clarify?
  3. why gay? its not sexually transmitted (as far as I know) ... and before you say it HIV/AIDS affects hetros as well ...
    why not just ask if it killed millions of westerners ..
  4. Why don't they just give everyone in the world a HIV test. Put them in some sort of confignment until the results are through (gestation period and all that). If they test positive, give them a week to say goodbye to whoever, through a prison style phone/perspex booth, then shoot them in the back of the head.

    Burn bodies.......job done.
  5. AIDS doesn't even mainly affect Western gay men. What's your point?
  6. Nope, only if it would kill millions of blond haired, blue eyed, white skinned little girls in pink pj's clinging on to their fluffy stuffed little ponies......

    There still is no cure for rabies either and ironically lots of Western heaumeaus die from it as well, allegedly
  7. Does HIV only affect gay men then?

    I only looked at the thread because I miss read the title and hoped Western was dying.......
  8. If what you mean is the victims were of greater socio-economic status than, say, mud hut dwelling Africans then the chances are that there would be greater investment from the big pharmaceuticals as clearly the return on their R and D investment would be significantly better.
  9. Gay men was just a example of a Socio-economic group who's wellbeing would be worth the big pharmacuticals investing in. I think that's what he means.
  10. Ah yes, the AIDS is not predominantly a gay disease meme.

    Hands up all those who remember the BS adverts in the early 80's telling us it was going to wipe out gazillions, whole families would get it and die and we'd all know someone close to us who'd died from aids?

    Well, here I am 26 years later and I don't know a single person with AIDS or have been aquainted with anyone in the preceeding 26 years who had AIDS.
  11. ahh I sort of get it now. Malaria must be a harder nut to crack it's not for the lack of investment. Maybe it's like the common cold that still can't be cured.
  12. Or influenza in general which still kills people and hardly attracts any investors or attention.....
  13. If Rachel Carson had not published "Silent Spring" back in the day the malarial mosquito would have been more or less eradicated decades ago and you would not have posed this question.

    That woman and her book have been responsible for the deaths of more non-Europeans than a certain Austrian Corporal and his book about his "struggle".
  14. I believe BB's point is; as Malaria is a (generally) non-western non-civilised nation disease, is it this reason why everyone isn't piling gazaliions into curing it outright whereas gay males are a demographic in western civilsed countries that are in postions of power and influence that can sway powerful pharmacutical R&D budgets towards finding a cure?

    I'm sure that the amount of money spent on Malaria is tiny in comparison to that spent on HIV/AIDS. Also, it makes it far more sense (for US insurance companies) to push for a cure for HIV/AIDS rather than let it manifest itself into expensive medical bills and perpeptual treatments.

    To put it into perspective, this was quoted in 2007 Jeffrey Sachs Calls For Mass Distribution Of Insecticidal Bednets To Fight Malaria
    . . and this in 1988, thinking of the mentality and perceptions then . .

    I reckon these schematics sum it up in a oner . . ​


  15. Poor people will always die of diseases that rich people can be cured of or treated for. Rich people can be treated for malaria now, it's not a question of needing drugs companies to do more research. If tropical countries can afford a decent public health system, malaria need not be a problem. Millions of people die in poor countries from simple stuff like gut infections that could be treated with rehydration and cheap antibiotics - but they can't afford even that. People with HIV/Aids can survive for years IF they have a healthy diet and access to expensive anti-retroviral drugs - but life expectancy for people who can't get the drug therapy is as short as ever.