If Labour win the election is a Communist UK a real possibility and how would it happen?


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I'm more worried about us becoming an Islamic country rather than a communist one. I could wear the chairman mao suit, but there is no way I am going teetotal.
In my personal experience, there are two kinds of muslims, drinkers and liars. In Afghan our cleaner would minesweep any 'leftovers' into a bucket and sip away at it from his glass chai cup for the rest of the day... the rest weren't any better, they all swore they never touched a drop but would ask if you could get a naggin of vodka from the Supreme 'for a friend' - don't get me started on the interrupter sat in the back of a white fleet pickup munching on a sausage roll from a 'white box of death' he found under the seat, didn't help that it was Ramadamadingdong....
To be fair, there wasn't likely to be any pork or recognisable meat in the sausage roll, but the party size bag of bacon frazzles on his lap didn't go any way to calming things down.

I'm sure there are non-drinking muslims, just not met them yet, and to be fair, they're not likely to be going to the same places bars as me.
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First impressions: I have a gut feeling it might work at a micro level of "Government" where the general public can draw on some local experiential learning to bring to decision making.
Not sure it could work at a National level? Might need a few more subject specialists in "tougher" fields to avoid some potential disasters? It's right there where I see a possibility for the " New Elite" to self appoint and subvert democracy whilst perverting the Sortition Process. I think it's that which she has seized upon when she talks about her " how to think " courses. I suspect they are a filter for those randomly chosen members of the public, to see who is more agreeable with the ideas and ambitions of the Elite, rather than some sort of preparation for conversing with the Nations Leaders?.
The danger for me is it looks like a reasonable alternative to Democracy, but it'll end up being an easy cover to maintain for an Elite Committee to self select and not be seriously challenged

They also make excellent beer - coincidence? Maybe or maybe not...


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