If Labour had won in May............

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. how would they have tackled the debt the country is in?
  2. By spending more money that they don't have?
  3. ... overseas aid wouldnt be touched, defence slashed, soft on crime, equalities act, no EU referendum, same old lies and corruption, uncontrolled immigration, growing crime, growing unemployment...... oh hang on...isn't that the ConDems too?

    They're all lying b*stards and Europe pulls their strings.
  4. What debt?
  5. They would have spent millions,buying a spade/shovel for each person in the UK. Then told them to go to the seaside (subsidised trip of course) dig a big hole in the sand to bury their head in. Situation Normal............:)
  6. With a fifty pound note and a very good colour photocopier (Its cheaper than just printing it).
  7. If Labour had won in May,Britain would be experiancing the following,

    Massive de-valuation of the Pound as international confidence in Britain would collapse.As a result,inflation and unemployment would increase.

    Immigration increasing to even higher levels as Labour attempt to shore up their voter base.

    An increase in crime due to the economic collapse as a result of the above.

    A further lurch to authoritarian government.

    Mandleson making even more money as a result of taking bribes,as has been ongoing when Labour were in power(allegedly).

    All in all,Britain would face collapse and anarchy in the later years of a fourth Labour government.

    Thank God Labour are not in power.
  8. They wouldn't have.

    Most likely they'd have made it worse, with the result that our national credit rating would have fallen through the floor thereby making it even more expensive to service the national debt.

    The wheels, that had already started to come off under Blair (the main reason the fekin w*nker did a runner and let numpty in) and really speeded up when that idiot Brown finally bullied & conned his way into No 10 and carried on chucking money out the window would quite quickly and really spectaculary fallen off.

    The fall out would have made the Greek 'problem' look like an argument in the school tuck shop.

    We have, all said and done had a very very close shave and just managed to get rid of Labour in the nick of time, as per normal they did a lot of damage to the country over the years they were in (no change there then :pissedoff:). I hope they never get back in again.... EVER!

    We now have a chance to turn it around, we have a Government that actually understands the problem and it seems they are prepared to make the decisions needed to sort the whole sorry mess out. Whether they make the right ones? time will tell.

    For what it's worth I think they would make a mistake if they cut anything off defence, in fact they should think about increasing the budget so long as it is targeted correctly and puts more boots on the ground, they might be thankfull of the extra bods and kit when the lazy and fekless loose their state pocket money. If it all kicks off home side we could end up having to bail out the local plod aka NI in the 70's and 80's....
  9. Troops for the 'Stan would be training up on longbows

  10. There sounds better
  11. Banks got wise to Gordon about 15 years ago. Most banknotes have a little cross shape called a Eurion Constellation. This is recognised by high end scanners so they can't be used for counterfeiting.

    If Labour had won? Doesn't bear thinking about.

    1 Gordon would be off his meds as he realised he was right all along and not mad after all.

    2 The spendathon would continue, with particular emphasis on fekkin windmills and global warming.

    3 He'd treat himself to the "Air Force One" Boeing 777 that he denied Tony Blair.

    4 Major investors would see that the writing on the wall isn't just written in Greek and Irish, but English too. They'd stop buying UK bonds. The only reason they've been buying them for the past few years was the expectation of a Tory win in the election and a return to fiscal sanity.

    5 The realisation that any possible tax rise would only scratch the surface of the debt problem dawned on Gordon about a year ago.

    6 Impassioned pleas to the IMF would fall of deaf ears. They don't have any money left either.

    7 The only option to stop 22 million Giros bouncing every month would be to print money again, and again, and again through repeated quantitative easing wheezes. Full blown Mugabenomics.

    8 When sterling became significantly debased, the banks would bail out, effectively doubling our annual deficit as their corporation tax fled with them.

    9 Back to the 1970s. Food shortages, power cuts and the "wholesale liquidation of the economy" that Harold Wilson feared in the 1970s. Government would be blowing the dust of the plans for "feeding stations" that were drafted in order to have a contingency if serious starvation broke out.

    10 Anything's possible. Violent strikers who haven't been paid for months on the rampage. An attempt to overthrow the government by force. Somebody testing whether Gordon's limmo really is bullet proof. Queen dissolving Parliament.
  12. To be fair IVV, DC has already made his intentions very clear in ref to staying well clear of the Monopoly Money, sorry Euro although a 'LOT' more can be done but it's still early days,

    The Coalition's days ahead have yet to really be tested, especially when the cuts start digging in & the Polls reflect it, however I hope this fresh shower can sort out the country after the mess it's been left with,

    I'm just truly relieved that Liebour/NL or whatever they decide to rebrand themselves come 2015 election did'nt stay in power as the 'Really Tough Days' lay ahead & even tougher for the Coalition is to get re-elected in 5 years so a lot of hard work lays ahead.
  13. I still remember when 'arald Wilson had to go cap in hand to the I.M.F. Only £50 allowed to be taken abroad on holiday,pound devalued,tax rises,Labour doesn't change,the last lot proved it again and had they won the last election, the Greek economy would look like a world beater compared to our own.
  14. The main cause of most of our woes IS the EU, nothwithstanding the illegality of the whole spate of laws unlawfully enforced on our people, the democratic deficit caused by the silent destruction of the independent nation state, the hundreds of billions of pounds poured down the drain, the millions of economically parasitic immigrants who are a further drain on our benefits bill.... the list is in fact endless.

    Until the Government fulfils its obligations and duties to the legitimate people of this country then it will only get worse.

    The fact is that until we get a referendum on the EU then we are living in a dictatorship in which we have no say on how we are goverened irrespective of the complexion of the party holding power.

    They work for us, they are paid by us to carry out OUR bidding with OUR safety and interests as paramount, when they fail to abide by the wishes of the people they lose the right and lawful authority to govern.