If its Thursday it must be Question Time...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lucky_Jim, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Tonight from Scotland. I had to leave it after a few minutes because my blood pressure was in danger of going through the roof.

    I appreciate that there are differing opinions on the Iraq occupation, but when someone raised the legitimate question of whether Cornet Wales should be posted there we got the all-too-predictable 'no British troops should be in Iraq because it was an illegal war'.

    For me, in the context of the question that argument is irrelevant. Our servicemen and woman are there, and will be until they are all withdrawn.

    Why can't they just answer the question? It's supposed to be Question Time, not Pre-Prepared Answer Time or 'ooh, a chance to get a round of applause' time.
  2. Because they believe they are right, and they get a little more right by repeating the same old sh1te time and time again. For some this is the only way they will get some time in the spotlight, braindead feckwits.

    i can't watch it either its too PC in some respects or same old same old in others.

    You just can't beat a bit of Paxman grilling.
  3. I find this programme hugely frustrating, and only watch it when Tony Benn is on, or possibly George Galloway, Billy Bragg or whatsisname, the boss of the RMT, Bob Crow.
  4. I like question time, if only to admire the wit and eloquence of some of the audience and guests. Or to see the politicians squirm. Pity they don't allow guests to punch it out ala The Jerry Springer show though!
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    I thought Alex Salmond was ok. He asserted his position that we should not be there but he respected and admired Cornet Wales' desire to be there with the lads.
  6. I too like it most of the time, and can accept that its nomadic nature always leads to there being a local twist. But it's primarily a place to ask UK-wide questions, things which affect all of us.

    Playing to the local gallery is cheap, and I'd have more respect for people who didn't just echo the received local wisdom.

    Stand up and be counted you buggers. The studio audience is small, but the nationwide audience isn't. We'd all respect you more for it, especially the ones who aren't so obsessed with politics that we want to journey to a studio to hear you rather than see it with a glass of malt by our side.
  7. Because they're politicians and therefore masters of the art of dodging tricky questions.

    That's what politics is all about today though isn't it - towing the party line. I think Labour MPs are issued with pagers so they can kept 'on message' during live interviews.
  8. I know AM, I just think it would be so refreshing to hear a response that didn't come from the central spin factory.

    I posted with the red mist before my eyes. Perhaps I shouldn't have, but this is permeating down to local council level now. One you used to talk to people, now it's more like asking questions of a 'speak your weight' machine.
  9. The one thing I thought Faulkes said that was interesting was to Hardeep Singh Kohli, if You don't think that the politicians are doing their job then stand up and fight for election.
  10. What you say is absolutely true LJ. I like to vote for independent candidates so long as they're not nutters. Independents seem more inclined to represent the interests of their electorate rather than simply voting the way their party whips tell them.

    Arrse Members,

    Vote for Jim and the Mariner at the next election - you know it makes sense. (AND - you'll all get a free packet of Werthers Originals if I get in)
  11. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Disingenuous, Sven. The individual rarely stands a chance against the major parties election machine unless they campaign on a single local issue. Mr Kohli is in favour of Scots independence, hardly a focus of a protest vote.
  12. But stand for which party Sven?

    That question isn't meant with any degree of cynicism. I agree with some sections of each party's manifesto, but disagree with others. And as for the parts I agree with, how can I be sure that they'd be implemented once in office?

    Stand as an Independent instead? No chance of election if you do that, unless you're a single-issue candidate or a de-selected long-standing MP.

    It's all very frustrating.
  13. At a local level there are many independent councilors.

    Westminster is somewhat different, as You say independents are overwhelmingly single issue people. You could join the party You agree with most and fight to change that which You disagree with. Alternately You can do what the creators of UKIP have done and begin a new party.

    Whatever You do, disagreeing so strongly and doing nothing cannot be an option
  14. Agree 100%. Question Time is something I find myself either loving or hating, and this was a particularly bad week. The debate was almost non-existent, with the panel using every question as an excuse just to read out their parties manifestos, and the comedian bleating on constantly about Iraq.

    I thought the "would Scotland benefit from independence?" question would be an interesting debate, but not a single member of the panel properly addressed the question, another hour of my life wasted.
  15. Sweet Jesus, i think i may well die of a cranial anuerysim if i had to deal with more than one of those morally corrupt, work shy, champagne coiffing socialists.

    Each one of them is WAY up there on the list of 'waffles most sh1te, to dodge answering a straight question'. :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated: