If I were P.M.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tangosix, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    the Prime Minister is announcing how he plans to spend our money over the next few years.
    Here is an opportunity to do the same yourself:



    Edited to add I managed to get baying mobs on the streets but that is no problem,we have five hundred more infantry battalions to deal with them.
  2. Good game. I managed to create a police state, though... :( :D
  3. I increased defence, policing, courts & prisons, and education; and slashed social services. I loved the 'news report' I got at the end. Lots of good stuff in the 'well it will be this and it will be that' category, but then the scaremongering maybe's and possibly's.

    It's almost as if Sky had an editorial agenda, or something...
  4. Taxes down by 17%, but civil disorder, should have spent a few more quid on jails and police.
  5. 100bil spending taxes up 66%, created a police state and te perfect empire! got a few good quotes "north korea says britian has made a bold and brave move" - "the police are saying aslong as the members of the public mind their manners and behave they wont get stepped on!"
  6. Taxes up by 3% but should not have shaved my genitalia, bent over and called out to known paedophiles "Coohee, over here!"
  7. I achieved the same with tax raise of only 31%! :D
  8. Here's another one, but this time you're the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke. You're in charge of US Monetary Policy and must stimulate/maintain growth whilst avoiding inflation and deflation.

    Fed Chairman Game
  9. Taxes cut by 16%
    Accused by the world of warmongering after a incresae of 500% in defence spending.
    Sadly to do both of these things some things had to suffer, unprecedented amounts of poeple dying of ill health (average life expectancy reduced dramatically) and living on the streets (they were all a financial burden on the taxpayer anyway)
    Oh and apparently I made 780,000 odd University Lecturers unemployed while I was at it
  10. Tax laughter, not that they would get anything, as there is bugger all to laugh about!

    Not make statements that are there just for the press "SPIN"!

    Have a personallity transplant! "Get One"!

    And stop saying BEFORE WE CAME TO POWER! FFS how long does it take?
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Taxes down 6%
    I am a dictator of the worst kind and a warmonger
    All hail T_B_S or you will end up in one of my new prisons( or temporary ' camps') after my new police force has arrested you and my new courts have jailed you
    Saved money on the Enviroment and slashed £100 million off benefits
    The doleys can work in my new coal fired power stations and the re opened pits the rest can work on my nice new motor ways (remind you of any one)
    More money for the army,tansport and industry and a fortune spent on flags and portraits of me

    All hail me :D
  12. Hurrah, Im a dictator of a police state.