If i were CDS ........

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by machiavelli, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. 6 months ?

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  2. 1 year ?

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  3. 2 years ?

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  1. Lets see what we can drag up all ideas welcome Good / Bad or offensive ......

    To start with

    "if i were CDS i would....."

    1. Deploy myself for 6 months away from friends and family - come home have 3 months in the office catching up on what i had missed then start predeployment trianing for my next deployment. - That'll actually put me in touch with the normal members of the Army not the ass licking senior staff who agree with everything the PM says.

    2. Move my family into the quarters that a SNCO and his three children have to live in - that would soon sort out the fkuc ups with MHS.

    3. Enrol as a soldier for 6 months at recruit Training. That would show me how easy it had become since i first did it and how little resources the Trg Agencies get to do their jobs.

    4. Tell the PM that the army needs a two year operational pause otherwise it is going to break permenantly and if he wants us to be global sidekicks to the good ol US of A then to finance us properly. (When i say sidekick i mean in the sense of Robin to Batman - affords some legitimacy for a dodgy older bloke in a funny costume kind of way).

    Anyway spleen vented please add some more ..................
  2. I think you've covered the bases nicely there.
  3. You missed out "have the Household Division unload 42,000 rounds of 7.62/5.56 into the PM's section of the crowd during a large public event".