If I were a Dictator....

Slightly off topic, but why does anyone employ or even listen to that outstandingly annoying woman. I used to enjoy Sky news with the bit of banter between the other presenters but she has no talent, no personality, little in the way of presentation skills and is clearly is on the hard of thinking side of the IQ median...
I am going to nick that if I may.


War Hero
All the loony labour councils who put up signs declaring a nuclear free zone during the cold war would get a bucket of sunshine, just to make a point.
Derby had the 'nuclear free zone' posters up (as if that would save them from an airburst) whilst RR and Associates had a functional reactor thrumming away. Lying scrotes.
Yes! If only she kept her long hair.

I get aroused just looking at her, the husky minx.
You are a sick man.....

...you fit in just right on here...
If I was a Dicktaker, I’d take anyone’s dick who has slagged me off on Arrse, then I’d pile all their dicks up and set light to them.
Next I’d take everyone’s dick that has fiddled kids, I mean taking money from kids, are you fecking sick? Then I’d take the dicks from drug dealers, what right do they have stoning people, bloody medieval if you ask me! Oh and I’d take all the dicks from poofs, that’s no way to treat a dick!
There, they’re and their.
Been when you mean being. (You know who you are @Gout Man !)
Here and hear.

There are other grammatical transgressions which would earn 3 years in a street cleaning chain-gang.


Ban Haribo and their creepy adverts. Ban man Buns. Ban chewing gum in public places. Ban the writings of Hitler, Marx, and Mao. Ban people from getting meals from fast food outlets more than once a week. Ban unwashed people who smell like they are long dead from going in public places. Ban Alexa like devices - turn the f***ing lights on yourself.

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