If I was a successful soldier could I go in as officer later on? If so how?

Hello all,

I am new to this site so forgive me if I am blabbering utter B******t in the wrong place!
I have always been interested in joining as an Environmental Health Tech or Geo Tech however I have spoken to many different serving and ex-serving soldiers whom have suggested due to my experiences I should apply for Officer.
Now in my eyes, having a 24YO with no military experience being in charge of military personnel who have years of experience is a bit intimidating. I knew respect is earned and age isn't a problem as 24 is fairly old for a new officer but yet I cant help feeling odd. I certainly would feel uncomfortable having someone half my age telling me what to do when they've just started this role type... Is that a common worry?
I'm also wondering whether officer or soldier would even suit me or if those roles even suit me...! I've been t my recruitment centre so many times and I honestly don't think they have a clue about any of these questions.

Here's an idea of my background:
BSc Zoology with Conservation (wanted to work with wolves but discovered I prefer the natural environment)
Currently working part time at my local council as an assistant ranger
Vast experience in off road driver (Defenders; rangers; ATV... Even a Renault Clio!)
Vast experience in leading family groups on activities
Vast experience on leading people on work tasks from woodland management to ensuring all tools are maintained correctly, keeping health and safety in order etc...
All kinds of hands on experience (chainsaw operator; brushcutters; DIY)
Just applied to join my local mountain rescue team
Big into charity work and fundraising (I'd love to be involved with humanitarian missions)

I'd really love a role where I can help people, help the environment (natural and occupational) and still get to be super hands on. Is this really right for me whether it be Officer or Soldier?

Apologies for the extensive post, I just wanted to lay all the cards on the table in the hope someone; somewhere may have an answer.
Your zoology degree could prove relevant for an officer.

Get yourself off to RMAS , you will be trained to do the job.
There's nothing wrong with a 24 year old managing soldiers, if 19-20 year old non graduates can manage it reasonably well, I'm sure a 24 year old can.

We had a Zoology grad as a troop commander in Germany 18 years ago, joking aside, she didn't make too big a fist of it.


Go to your nearest garrison town on a Friday night, take a good look at the soldiers there, and decide whether you would rather lead them or join them. That should give you a starter for ten.
See your inbox.
You'll do fine, put in an application and get yourself fit whilst you wait to get in.
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I’ve had the exact same question.

Asked around and apparently you can do something called a late entry. Not sure of the specifics but that it exists. Essentially takes you from solider to officer via Sandhurst.

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