If i Sign Off. Pads question


*If i Sign Off. Pads question

Hi*Basically the meat grinder has screwed me over for the last*time.Second*tour on the trot cancelled. Due to "manning"So before i do the 7 clicks i need to some info.

If i sign off and find a job and want out on the 28day rule do i continue to get paid for the remainder of the year or is pay stopped there and then. Maybe just a redundancy thing but want clarification.

Also if i was to get a job how long do i keep the Pad for. Am i entitled to remain in there for a period until i find a new residance especially with a new child.

Obviously not entitled to resettlement but what can i try and blag before i get out.Any info for signing off be much appreciated. No smoke blowing up my arrse please.

Decision pretty much made.

Admin staff for pay issues. 93 days as far as I remember for holding onto your quarter. It's in the relevant JSP.
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