If i Sign Off. Pads question


Basically the meat grinder has screwed me over for the last time.Second tour on the trot cancelled. Due to "manning"

So before i do the 7 clicks i need to some info.

If i sign off and find a job and want out on the 28day rule do i continue to get paid for the remainder of the year or is pay stopped there and then. Maybe just a redundancy thing but want clarification.

Also if i was to get a job how long do i keep the Pad for. Am i entitled to remain in there for a period until i find a new residance especially with a new child.

Obviously not entitled to resettlement but what can i try and blag before i get out.

Any info for signing off be much appreciated. No smoke blowing up my arrse please. Decision pretty much made..

By the 28 day rule, do you mean the PVR clause that used to exist? I thought that that had vanished now - or do you mean early release, as sanctioned by a CO? If the latter, I am 90% sure that your last day of service (and pay) will be the last day you are in uniform.


As above,

You have to satisfy the CO that you have a job, somewhere to live, have no compensation, or compassionate reason, also to check that you are not being bullied, plus whatever role you are in you might have a compulsory term attached.

I honestly think you have a snowball chance in hell, unless you are such a admin vortex management would like to write you off. However that in itself can have disastrous effect on your later life,

You have made your mind up, just be very careful, good luck.
Hopefully the RCMO will clarify. Things like council housing etc.

Have no strings keeping me. Knew should have applied for redundancy.
Good luck with the council housing mate.

If you've been told you'll have a foot on the housing ladder because of service then you've been had.

For housing you need to apply ASAP (1st thing in the morning) but you'll be fobbed off at every step and turn, having a wife and kid helps a little but not much.

From the moment you apply you really do need to be harassing them (maybe more than 3 times a week) if you don't you'll be forgotten about.

If you hail from a stinky shit hole, via an iso at Felixstow port you'd have no problems.
If you had redundancy as an option there is still one more tranche to go, probaly find it in their again.

Make sure you have ticked everything and dotted the t's, because with new child on way/born, there will be lots of pressure, and civi street isnt that forgiving, least get into a council house fasti'sh.

I believe once out the Army you have to move out of Married Quarters within 90 days. but you will be paying full rates, not squaddie ones.

Have a real think about this including a financial thought, if you think this is a good idea, or try for a posting somewhere else.
Well put Roadster 280, i got out with a '**** the army' mindset. A few months later i realised it was the biggest mistake i made, even while in work.
Buzzlightyear? just think, you could be living on some shanty council estate infested with scum soon (better than a MQ ?)
Sorry but you've really gripped the proverbial. You will get no smoke blowing from this call sign because in all fairness you don't deserve it.

You've come up against some limited adversity in your early years and are throwing your toys out of the pram. You want to sign off, your decision is already made but you know precious little about where you stand with pay, housing or future employment.

If you are concerned that you are missing out on tours then I suspect it is either through a desire to deploy for professional reasons or because you need the money. I'd hazard a guess it isn't for professional reasons because the attitude you seem to be portraying is distinctly unprofessional. If it is that you need the money then signing off with no house, no job, no resettlement and a young family is the last thing that you should be doing.

It appears you have fallen out with the Army yet seem to want to cling to it to support you after you have left. You want the pay and the house. If you cannot support yourself or your family then leaving is the last thing you should be doing. Come up with a plan, a proper one not some pie in the sky one that sees you retaining a quarter, getting paid double and trying to blag some buckshee resettlement while also trying to get out of the door quickly. Consider where you want to be, where your family are going to live. Look at employment opportunities and take on some courses (in your own time if you can't get them through the system) and sign off in good order rather than in some petulant temper tantrum.

Good luck.
You would get no army pay if it is possible to get early release and your in a paid job. Maybe you could get an unpaid work placement in view of working for that firm once your out of the army. If your CO releases you. That's in the pipeline for me as I was pinged for T3.

I think you should stop and think, for the sake of your family. You have a well paid job, a home, monthly wage. As someone above pointed out you could wait for T4 and volunteer or even get pinged. You would get more money, a certificate of cessation which helps with getting a council house and you'd get resettlement training. You could use the waiting time to maybe complete ECDL, use ELC for a NEEBOSH course, use SLC for a HYSTER course, and maybe complete L2 Numeracy & Literacy.

If your not on T4, at least you could start on some of the above to help once your out. I know getting the courses I listed could be a challenge, but getting out with a family and very little preparation would be far more challenging.

Just a thought...............
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