If I should Die before I WAKE.......


Right..I wasn`t quite sure where to put this so it landed in here. Taking into account the subject and the dubious humour of Arrse members - it would have probably ended up here anyway:)


A bit macabre mybe, but somehow pretty cool..
This guy has been told that he hasn`t long to live and is hosting his own Wake - not many people actually get the chance to do this so....get planning Gents - If you could influence it, what kind of a Sendoff would you plan for yourself?

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Bloody right, good on him.


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Hats off to the man!

Courage, a sense of humour and a good dose of reality!
Fair play but then again you would probably meet death with equanimity if you supported Swindon Town...it will come as a merciful release.

God bless "Andy" and all your friends and family too.
What a legend. Fair play sir!

Thats such a good idea though.


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Well thought out, well considered, and exceptionally well dealt with.

I hope your party is a proper knees up and enjoyable for all concerned.

I only wish that I can be as brave when my time comes, though I sincerely hope it is rapid and exceptionally messy.
Nice one Andy, definitely the proper way to go, instead of sitting in a corner jibbering like a loon. :thumleft: I'd like to be able to do something like that if I knew how long I had.


Fair play to the man I say. However, not everybody remains in a good state of health to organise these type of things. I recall a former Korean War Veteran who was a friend of mine. He suffered a lot from PTSD and unfortuanately got lung cancer. He was offered all kinds of drugs to keep him wacked out of his skull until he passed over. Instead he chose not to take anything as he wanted to see life cleary through his eyes until the end. He was undoubtedly a very brave strong man whom I respected until the day he died.

However, that said, being able to organise something prior to your death has to be an added bonus.

Good on the man.



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