If I join the army do I get to keep my kit ???

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some of it
Isn't it your detachment's kit? I'd assume you won't be able to keep any more than you would normally upon leaving the ACF into normal life.
Kit that you were issued by your detachment? No. You're supposed to hand it all back in (they probably won't check it though, and having spare stuff is generally useful).

The Army will issue you all your kit on joining, and they're in the process of changing it all soon any way.

In fact it's best to turn up wearing it when you report for your basic training: that way they'll know there's not much more they can teach you 'n they'll give you an easier time.


You may even find yourself in the fortunate position of outranking some of your training staff. Don't hesitate to point this fact out to them.


And don't forget to remind instructors at your new depot that one of your old AI's used to be a Sergeant in them and if he says it's right, it's right. You may as well point out that you've complete your half star training and have a pass in .22 shooting from 20m.
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