If Hellfyyr is a total cnut, then Chris is simply thick...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Awol, Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Funny,funny guy!

  2. Cnut. Obviously.

  3. Journo/hippy/soapdodger.

  1. Let the people speak...

    some MOD :oops: meaning to help fegged the poll up :oops: :oops:

    c_c :oops:
  2. I am reluctant to say s/he is a cnut, cos I like cnuts. No that's not true I love cnuts; the smell, the taste the feel... mmmm

    That's better. Overall thought yes s/he is a cnut.
  3. Wondered how long this would take. I called him a knob in another forum at lunchtime

    And, yes he seems to be a bit of a cnut

  4. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Hmmm, i have had my dealings with this particular member which have resulted in me deleting a couple of his posts. I have had no trouble since then.
  5. A cnut with respect for other's views then :?:
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Others views are alien to his train of thought. Hence the deletions.
  7. never heard of the bloke possible never will but the trends seems to be pointing to c*nt and i am not populare enough to be different
  8. Somehow seems appropriate to bounce this back to the top! :D
  9. Good show, Awol! The man is a total cnut!
  10. 8O

    I wonder, why is it that I take the trouble to be civil to people on here?

    Who the hell are you AWOL to put something like this on the site? You do not even give a reason or know me. Have I put anything particularly controversial on a thread? Have I attacked you for any reason?

    As for you Gunner Quadrant, you are supposed to be a Moderator; you deleted a couple of completely fair posts of mine, gave no reason for doing so and havent even had the decency to reply to the PM I sent you. Then you take part in, and in fact allow a thread like this to carry on.

    As for your insinuation that I do not allow other views, you should note that I do not foist my views on others. You are the one who deleted my posts which were in the wider interest. That suggests you are the one who cannot deal with other points of view!
  11. You reap what you sow. If you hadn't spammed the site with total drivel, noone would have noticed you. :roll:
  12. Or attacked other whom you have no personal knowledge of in chat suggesting them to be simpletons with no valid viewpoint or purpose in existence.

    You sir are not a cnut, a cnut is useful and can be admired and bring joy to others.

    You are something as yet unnamed and certainly not useful, admirable or joyful.

    Rock for one awaiting you on its underbelly.

  13. I'll just call you a cnut cause Beebs did, and if she says so... then its good enough for me :wink:
  14. You're quite right I don't know you, therefore how can I know if you're a cnut? I can't. It's a p!sstake and a windup and it's what happens in every Naafi in the land. Learn to live with it.

    Nothing's stopping you posting "Is Awol a total cnut" in return. I know I would in your shoes.

    Hopefully though, I'd get a higher cnut-rating than you. :D
  15. Awol, you are a total cnut.....everybody knows so that no sense in putting it up for a poll :roll: