If HDT travel costs are withdrawn how will this affect the National units?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cardinal, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. In a regional unit some junior soldiers only make enough to cover travel costs from their pay of an evening, without HDT. A full weekends pay wouldn't be enough to cover the costs of some National soldiers.

  2. Are they being removed entirely? I understood that we had to contribute a few miles ourselves but most of the HDT would still be payed.
  3. i thought that the personal contribution was being increase from 1 to 3 miles as of 1 may 2011
  4. HTD is being reduced in value to 25p per mile to harmonise it with the rate received by the rest of the public sector as set by HMRC. The personal contribution will increase from 01 May 11 to 3 miles, from 01 Apr 12 to 6 miles then from 01 Apr 13 to 9 miles. See page 8 of the latest Soldier for details of the reasoning. National TA units are therefore no more affected than Regional TA or Regular personnel.
  5. So, with C1 drill nights fast approaching; what is the incentive for soldiers that live close to the TA centre to come in on a Tuesday night?
  6. I live 25 miles away from my TA center does that mean i will only get paid for 22 miles then 19 then 16 miles or i will only get HTD if i live more than 3 then 6 then 9 miles away? I asked this of my PSAO and I got its going to 25p a mile it wont make any difference as an answer
  7. Bugger all from what I can see if the cost of motoring continues to rise and HTD keeps going down or has more restricions placed on it travelling to a drill night will start to cost the soldier money
    who ever came up with the cack that the cost of motoring has gone down must be ingesting some quality halucanergenics(spelling?)
  8. Are you having C1 drill nights? If you live close to your TAC it will make little difference, it will have more impact on those that live further away, surely.
    Slightly off topic- There was a thread on C1 drill nights a while ago. I was away at the time the regt introduced them so I didnt see first hand the effect it had. After a couple of months they went to two paid nights a month and the effect was positive- not everyone attends every drill night anyway, so when there were 2 per month there was a better 'critical mass'. On the C1 nights the blokes turned up and did organised phys.
    These silly little cuts dont really bother me, bit I just know that soon some mandarin is going to start looking at bounties. I am probably wrong but they are guaranteed to us by the Crown- but the Crown doesn't decide how much they should be. Look forward to a max bounty if you are mobilised during that year, otherwise watch it get slashed to £400 or so.
  9. I don't think anyone is claiming that the cost of motoring has gone down.

    At the moment, 40p a mile for every mile HTD is very generous (and as a recipient myself, I would be so bold as to suggest, profitable) - and in an age where we can't seem to afford things like tanks, aircraft and ships, it's logical that the generosity of allowances is going to fall.
  10. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Think you'll find that 40p isn't very generous....

    Three million drivers face £2,000 bill - Telegraph

    so 25p is pretty stingy all things considered.

    You need to include all things such as tax, insurance, wear and tear, depreciation etc to take into account full effects of mileage costs.....you can't just base it on fuel costs.

  11. Me thinks a number of people in government have got volunteer mixed up with voluntary work
  12. I am a civil servant and we all get 40p per mile . My sister in law is a district nurse who gets the same and my wife gets 40p per mile working for local govt. None are required to have business insurance either, except where my sister in law takes a patient as a passenger.

    Pretty sure I dont get 40p per mile only 25p

  13. We might not be ale to affort tanks but we can afford a daft git who goes round presenting each building with a large framed energy certificate which must be displayed in a public place. Three SHEF (Health and Saftey) noticeboards on the same garrison, all carrying the same information, from an overly large H&S dept, all of which needs renewing each year. No we cant afford tanks, ships, planes or travel expenses for soldiers but we can afford that.

  14. Well said Cardinal.

    And I have no doubt whatsoever that when the dust settles we will still have an overly large H&S Dept, assorted Inspection teams etc. I firmly believe it is unlikely to stop until they only have one unit left and can't all visit on the same day.

    An indication of this nonsense is the AVANTI Plan to retain a 2* HQ between Bde and LAND. Why ? Why not just take out an entire level of management ? All the Div level did was add a further cover note to the policy direction coming from LAND.
  15. Unfortunately we can and do afford it, because:

    a) The Army gets told to do it
    b) The Army gets sued if it doesn't

    Whilst there were some good reasons for getting rid of Crown Immunity, the flipside is a growth in SHEF culture (in terms of money and time) throughout the Services. Nobody likes it, but when you see some of the cases that go through the courts that MoD has to cough up for, you realise why nobody wants to stand up and say it's bollocks!