If expensive and cheap had a fight, who would win?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Our hero is in a meeting with grown-ups. They’ve got the guns but we’ve got the numbers, you know?

    I have pulled out my Mont Blanc roller-ball pen and quietly unscrewed it. The chief suit opposite has done the same with his Mont Blanc fountain pen. My boys have smiled quietly and settled in their seats. Started on the biscuits. We are not here to sign contracts. We are here to give you a fucking kicking.

    I win.

    Until things get warm. At which point I gesticulate with my Mont Blanc.

    The top flies off, shoots across the table and whacks some Muppet just above the left eyebrow, causing a small purple spot to appear.

    I lose.

    I would have been better off with a Biro.

    Its like Breiting vs Swatch. One marks you down as a flying fairy who is good with colours, the other is a decent, cheap Swiss watch.

    Versace luggage says "Pillage my baggage and give my best to your family in Romania". A Woolworths black case says "I am a tourist on a cheap flight".

    If expensive and cheap had a fight, who would win?
  2. Exchange trip with the QGR made you get all philosophical has it?
  3. I think i've had too much wine :?
  4. you mean like M16 vs AK47? Cheap wins most of the time.

    'quantity has a quality all of its own'
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Precisely. If someone would link us to the 'American Space Pen' vs the 'USSR pencil' I should regard it as a favour.
  6. yup, but ideally, you want it so its... oooo, lets say.. 50-1.

    Makes the odds much better dontcha think? =P

    Still, i'd say cheap, as expensive doesnt mean somethings brilliant... Or work as you'd like it to.
  7. Anyone for Stralingrad?
  8. Whats that then?
  9. Time to get boring: A pencil is an exceptionally dangerous utensil inside any orbiting space craft. NASA actually did a study on this same dilemma
    and found that it was too risky to take pencils on board due to facts like if the nib were to break then the chance of it hitting a circuit board or suchlike were actually quite high and if it caused a short could be lethal.


    Yeah yeah I know....and i am doing one now. :D
  10. A little known village in Eastern Europe, somewhere near to Stalingrad. Now, Stalingrad on the other hand; that's a place of note. One of the bloodiest battles in human history took place there (Jul 1942-Feb 1943). c.1.5 million casualties. Basically the Russians, with their numerical superiority, whooped the Germans, who had significant technological advantages.

    Expensive and cheap having a fight. You decide which side was cheap; the Russions (of whom 1.12 Million were killed, wounded or captured) or the Germans (0.75 million)? To answer the question you need to define 'cost'.
  11. Was that the famous occasion when the german 6th Army were surrounded and destroyed by a bunch of blokes with corks hanging off their helmets?

    STRALingrad, see....Taxi!
  12. On a slightly more serious note, you could use the US performance in the two Iraq wars as the counter-argument - The expensive option; buckets of airpower, high-tech armour and smart munitions, wiping the floor with the decidedly more numerous and cheaply equipped Iraqis.

    Cheap normally wins because it's simple and easily replaced.
  13. You could also look at the rise of our own empire.

    Thousands upon thousands of fuzzies armed with pointy sticks were no match for a few gattling guns and a stiff upper lip.
  14. Hizbullah (cheap) v IDF (expensive)?
  15. It is an urban myth that the Russians used pencils; they used cheap biros instead. They work fine in zero-g, the ink gets to the ball via capillary action or somesuch. They don't need gravity to work, hold one sideways and test it yourself. Gravity will stop them working though if you hold them upside down.