If Dannatt were to get the chop

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by quickstop, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Just out of curiosity - we've all been impressed by CGS.

    That General Sir Richard has the temerity and integrity to do his job and that the government find him uncomfortable and an inconvenience speaks volumes about the disparity between the government and the people at the sharp end. I for one will walk.

    How are we supposed to be loyal to a government that betrays the country, the Services and the men and women in harm's way at every turn?

    I have the honour to be,
    Your obediant Servant

    (and I'm not talking to you, Tony)

  2. How many threads do we need on CGS's interview, briefing and consequences?

    We are not. We are loyal to HM and to each other. We do as the government wish.........up to a point.
  3. I terminated my service last year at my 15yr point because of the state of affairs in the Army, and for the most part I loved service life. Like many when I signed on, I vowed (and meant it), to serve Queen and country, but we couldn’t be further from the meaning of that oath now. At the time, I decided I would rather be on the dole than in the Army because of this government.
    For a while I thought Gen Jackson was a soldiers, soldier but he spent to much time getting hanging one on in the officers mess, as well as feathering his own nest for retirement.
    No senior Army general should worry about his own career once in the top job, just like Sir Richard has…………After all, aren’t all servicemen expendable.
  4. i wonder if TB has got the balls...........or is he just stupid. note that all those calling for CGS to step down have all been minions. it is possible that TB has publicly supported the CGS, whilst getting his minions to brief against him, thereby encouraging him to resign. The CGS has displayed balls and integrity, qualities that do not abound within the labour governement. look at all the famous members of the cabinet that have been caught doing naughty stuff (changing imigration applications, wearing silly hats and riding horses on a ranch) who have either not resigned, or resigned and then come back to the fold after an indecent amount of time. long live hipocracy and slimey politicians!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. So according to the poll 50% would leave if Dannatt got axed? Would they bol***s.
    I respect the guy's honesty. Sacking him would be a pretty shitty thing to do (and I think it's unlikely). However, paying my mortgage and doing a job I enjoy would come first.