If could could eliminate one race/creed/minority, who would you choose?

Who would you vaporise

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You are God (apart from Tropper who invented Him/Her)!!!

With one click of your Almighty fingers you could vaporise the entire universe.

If push came to shove, who would be first on your hit list?
That cock who keeps parking across my drop pavement so I cannot get my own car out
Can't bloody choose, I say the lot of them


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French. Pikeys. Anyone in fact living across the channel. Anyone living North of the Thames. Anyone living outside of the M25. Anyone living outside of my house. Everyone, in fact, as you are all bastards.
I eliminated Crabs once before, Have they come back? Itchy little Bastards
I voted gwars but only because some utter fool left CHAVS off the list! Tut!
Johnny Foreigner Call centres what don't spik da quin's eeglish....
Somalians. In the words of Agent Smith from the Matrix, they share many characteristics with a virus.
Politicians because if we got rid of them we could change the law. For example we could repeal the hunting law and include new classes of vermin such as pikeys, chav's and systematic benefit scroungers. we could also vary the options on method of hunting and include hunting with Gimpys. You see IMHO its not the pikeys thats the problem, its the law. The law says we can't stop them, if however we change the law to say we can stop them they'd soon change their fucking tune.

Oh and because its the NAAFI fuck bollocks cunt etc.
people that drive more than 15 mph below the national speed limit.
fucking smug vegetarians.


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The human race!

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