If Chuck Norris was a bus driver, he wouldn't be this good!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. I can't believe they put the video on the site???
    Still - Bit of a legend, if you're going to die in really what is a freaky accident, all the better if you can save a few lives as well. Well done fella, looked as if you were in a lot of pain there, rest in peace.
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  2. Notice how the bad things generally happen to the good guys, not the scroats?
  3. Poor bastard, Nails though.
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  4. I hope that his wife is looked after.
  5. Nails.
  6. Balls of steel. Well done that man. RIP
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  7. Strange, he's not Polish and can speak the native language, bloody communists, what a way to run a bus company.
  8. What a courageous fella, with incredible presence of mind. Absolute nails! I hope he's properly remembered as the hero he was. And that's what you call a hero! Not some throbber scoring a goal and getting paid milligans for it.

    When you see stuff like that, It makes you wonder how you'd react in the same or a similar situation. I'd probably just die on the spot.

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  9. The sad thing is that in a few days time, the Chinese internet will go back to its default setting of how nobody in China gives a damn about their fellows.