If Carlsberg did TA weekends...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Just come back from an extended weekend and really enjoyed it.

    Lessons increasing my knowledge (not revision or repetition=MATTS), early finish, excellent breakfast (shit PAYD tea), bit of self help/voluntary PT in the evening, a few beers.

    How hard can it be?

    p.s. thanks 32 Sigs
  2. Ah, well, there you go.

    Sounds a bit like the TA of old. I remember tipping up on a Friday night, sorting the cot out, shuffle off to the bar, bed, PT, parade, bit of something interesting, lunch, bit of something AT, Dinner, bar/mess games, bed, PT, bit of something calming, parade, F off, back to TAC by 13.00, de-kit, go home, Sunday roast, Last of the Summer Wine, sleepies, back to work.


    32 here I come.

    Edited to add....and NO talk of mobilising.
  3. We would spend every weekend in a fibua complex or field fireing .
    Even dirty stinking remfs like fibua :D .
  4. I was on the same 'weekend' (Thursday to Tuesday).

    Great training (yes, the TA can do Bowman), good instructors (thanks 5 RLC) but woeful pay as you dine.

    And no snow / not much rain, considering where we were and it's the end of October....

    PT is something for your own time anyway - the TA hasn't got the time to make you fit, just show you where you need to be. Just my opinion.....
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Yes it has - I refer you to the "early knock off" bit of the first post. Don't knock off early, do scale A PT in prep for your CFT in accordance with the training directives.

    Otherwise, you are just getting your excuses in early.
  6. Not getting my excuses in early on PT - I was managing 4 or 5-mile runs before it got dark on most of the nights we were away.

    I was commenting on the fact we are part-time soldiers. On 4 days a month we have lots to do and PT for base-level fitness is expensive time-wise.

    The physical aspects of soldiering that we experience lets us know how fit we need to be. I'm saying that on the 4-days-a-month we are in uniform, we don't have enough time to raise base fitness if all we did was during those 4 days was PT!

    Hence the comment about training in your own time.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Fair point, but controlled PT is part of the build up to your MATTs and should feature on any training programme. There is no "knock off early" MATT!

    Back on thread - It is a good thing that the TA offers a variety of roles. I would rather have my eyes put out with hot pokers than put up with 4 days of in camp radio shite.

    If Carlsberg made weekends, it would be like my last one:

    Draw your equipment and prepare your container for parachuting on the Friday night, and then move to Lyneham for a big fat boys breakfast at 0400. Orders for the insertion and first task, then draw and fit parachutes.

    600ft descent onto Everleigh on Saturday morning, leave the parachutes where they fall, and move into hasty RV procedures before forming up for a Pl attack onto an enemy position just off the DZ (FIWAF).

    Reorg, then orders and battle procedure for a deliberate attack onto a farm complex. Once cleared, QBOs for a clearance Op to clear and occupy another position, prior to CTRs on Saturday night.

    Use the info gained from the CTRs to give orders for a dawn attack onto the final objective (another farm complex) at 0600 on Sunday. PUFO.

    Total sleep? Approx 5 hours over the whole weekend. Beers? None. Early knock off? Yes, around 1400hrs on Sunday!
  8. Couldn't agree more.

    I think I've just done a sex wee. I'd love to do that sort of weekend. If only I:

    a) could parachute,
    b) could do all that other stuff,
    c) wasn't a biff.

    P.S. Don't mention about me joining 4 para. There's no way I'd currently pass P company and I don't fancy being called a hat every five minutes.
  9. Thats going to encourage them to do PT in their own time isn't it.
  10. Isn't knocking off at 14.00 normal?? it was when i was in TA Inf but that was way back :D
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Why not? TABs in training time, personal phys in your own time. Go to the pub and hour or two later, but with the healthy glow that comes after thrashing your body round a TAB rather than thrashing yourself on Egyptian PT.
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  12. I agree with the duke. No reason why we can't do a tab on a sunday afternoon b4 knock off. Could make it volountarily so people that travel a long way or who can't be arsed can sod off. I'll be doing my Matts CFT in a few weeks and this year we have done not one tab with weight, I can't see how they can fail anybody on the CFT if they have not provided the oportunity to get some training in for it. It is in the CO's remit to provide this training.
  13. Guess its how people enjoy doing phys, put PT on the programme and the Gym queen will get everyone going for a run, doing it off your own back ends up with team events like footie.

    My Sqn has two locations, one does (voluntary) formal PT and the other plays 5 aside (both on non drill nights). Guess which one is well attended (percentage wise).
  14. My bold - that's the spirit! Make it the norm and not an exception.

    My bold italics - if it's part of the weekend training it must be compulsory and not by choice unless you are genuinely biffed.
  15. Sounds like a good weekend Duke. Much like the weekends of past years, (without the parachute's) when we would be driven in the back of a bedford to Salisbury Plain following a set of orders, rolling debus, Tab four or five K into a hbr for an hours kip. Get up, move to new harbour, orders, rehearsals, routine, recce's out at last light, No sleep, patrol reports, orders at sparrow's, platoon attack, counter attack and repel, thenhome for tea and medals!
    With regards to phys, regardless of the weekend, the CSM ex-3 Para, had us doing something, i.e. Range weekend, Tab back from ranges (or a good couple of miles along the way), it's so easy to do, there's no excuse.