If Carlsberg did eBay listings.............

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Bandit, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. For those (like me) who have the fun police at work fucking block everything on your PC, can you copy and paste the page instead of the link.
  2. Excellent Post! you must read the Q&A at the bottom.

    thanks for not putting it in the "EBAY only thread" as no-one ever reads stuff in there other than the guys who get over-excited about seeing dpm for sale. Meaning I would not have seen it.
  3. ..........

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  4. Excellent find on ebay. Very funny replies to the questions. The seller must be an ARRSE'r.
  5. That was my original impression. Raver sprang to mind?!?!?
  6. Some great Q & As. Made me laugh
  7. Magic!! Just what I thought - he must be an ARRSER with replies like that!
  8. what about fally? didn't he say he was selling his car.
  9. if he isnt an ARRSE'r he should be! thats best thing ive ever seen on Flea-bay!
  10. But theres no way he could afford an Aston Vectrish on a Corporals wage.

    Just wish I hadn't invested all my money in Bernard Madoffs investment porfolio and had gone with Icelandic banks instead... I just might have bought this fabulous piece of motoring history.#