If Carlsberg did eBay listings.............

For those (like me) who have the fun police at work fucking block everything on your PC, can you copy and paste the page instead of the link.
Excellent Post! you must read the Q&A at the bottom.

thanks for not putting it in the "EBAY only thread" as no-one ever reads stuff in there other than the guys who get over-excited about seeing dpm for sale. Meaning I would not have seen it.
For those (like me) who have the fun police at work fucking block everything on your PC, can you copy and paste the page instead of the link.
bloke_off_ebay said:
Hi, this auction is for my stunning Aston Martin Vectrish, which I've owned for the past 2 and a half years. She's done 103,000 miles, she's got a new exhaust, cambelts been done, decent tyres and a racing bodykit. I bought the car from a guy who specialises in rare hypercars, and this vehicle was jacked up on a jaunty angle, and had a ' Car of the Week' sign on it. I told the guy I thought it looked a bit like a Vectra, but he assured me that it was an Aston. He also said that Cameron Diaz had looked at it the day before, as she needed something reliable to get her to Aldi's. Strange thing is, the salesman vanished two days later, which annoyed me as he had promised to chuck in a vanilla magic tree air freshener. Anyway, the car has a 16v 4 cylinder ecotech engine, with twin cams and a cast iron exhaust manifold. When you slip in to the mass produced velour chair and turn the key, the engine burbles into life, emitting a raucous howl from its single tailpipe. I did have a guy turn up with his chequebook last week, but as he started it to take it for a test drive, he broke down and wept when he realised he wasn't man enough to take it on. Unfortunately, the bodywork has suffered slight wear and tear, there is a couple of small rust spots, and some damage to the o/s/r wheelarch. I regularly drive to my local Aston dealer to have it repaired, but I find them unhelpful and downright rude. I've been there three times this week, and yesterday the receptionist said, 'If you don't piss off, I'm calling security'. I will miss this old girl, she's been a faithful runner, and I will only sell her to a member of the AMOC. I will not swap for a Murciallago, 430 Scuderia or a Reliant Scimitar, so please don't ask. Have fun bidding, and please don't ask too many stupid questions. Ta!!!


what about fally? didn't he say he was selling his car.
But theres no way he could afford an Aston Vectrish on a Corporals wage.

Just wish I hadn't invested all my money in Bernard Madoffs investment porfolio and had gone with Icelandic banks instead... I just might have bought this fabulous piece of motoring history.#